Power Hour, Week 1 2017


“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM-BA-BOOM! BOOM!” The show starts with an impressive opening of pyro, before the lights are raised and several sections of the excited crowd are shown waving various signs. The focus then switches to the announce table where Joey Styles and Booker T introduce and hype tonight’s show. ( 63 )

Joey Styles and Booker T Hype the upcoming match between Mickie James and Sasha Banks from the comfort of their announcers table. ( 56 )
In a terrible match, Mickie James defeated Sasha Banks in 7:54 by pinfall with a quick cradle. ( 44 )
Recently called up from NXT, dominant tag team The Ascension cut an interview about their upcoming match with The Briscoes, where they treat them with utter contempt, calling the match “a complete waste of time” and a “foregone conclusion”. ( 48 )
In a bout that had decent wrestling but non-existent crowd heat, The Briscoes defeated The Ascension in 10:55 when Jay Briscoe defeated Viktor by pinfall with a Jay Driller. ( 64 )
We see a video recapping the final moments of RAW, in which John Cena is rescued from The Snake Agency by Daniel Bryan. ( 86 )
Matt Hardy, your ECW Champion, is in the ring. He tells the crowd that while entering new Matt Facts into his blog ( Fact #78 Matt Hardy has beaten The Undertaker twice ) he did some research on his ECW Title. Turns out the longest running ECW Champion was a guy called Shane Douglas with 406 Days. Interesting right?
Did Shane Douglas defend his title every single show? Hell no he did not. He did 406 days as Champion, but he probably had a bunch of those days off. Sitting around, not being Extreme, eating mustard which I strongly dislike! Screw that! Douglas was never as Extreme as Matt Hardy. Because he lost his ECW title! Because he didn’t come out to the ring and issue an open title challenge! He got beat by The Sandman!  ( 60 )
Matt’s promo is interrupted by a ruckus from the crowd. Joey Styles tries to make out what’s going on, explaining that apparently some drunk guy has climbed up on the balcony and is yelling that he accepts Matt Hardy’s Challenge! Who the hell is that?
Matt looks freaked out in the ring, but he puts a brave face on it and tells Sandman to come on down and try to take the title back if he wants it so bad.
Matt Hardy faced The Sandman, who made his way to the ring and immediately whipped our a Kendo Stick. He swung it a few times, but Matt managed to duck and dive and avoid being hit. He grabbed the end of the stick and shoved it back, hitting Sandman in the ribs. Matt takes off the ECW Title, shows it to Sandman, then pans him in the fucking grid with it for the pin. ( 51 )
Before Sandman can come to his senses, Matt is out of there! He grabs a mic and starts cutting a promo on how mint he is. “I beat the Sandman! Suck on that Shane Douglas! You couldn’t beat him and I did! Now who’s the most Extreme?!
Mr Kennedy is at the top of the ramp, cutting Matt off and infuriating him at the same time. Matt tries to ignore Kennedy and keeps going with his promo, “Who’s the most extreme now!!?”
Matt looks pissed off, but he tries to keep going. “I said… Who is the most ex…”
Matt is fucking livid! He pacing back and forth, unable to get back in the ring because of The Sandman, unable to leave the arena because of Mr Kennedy, and unable to finish a sentence. He puts the mic up to his mouth, but so does Kennedy.
He tries again, but Kennedy raises his mic. Both men look like they’re about to speak, and very time Matt opens his mouth so does Kennedy.
Eventually he take it anymore, and Matt blurts out the whole sentence in one long stream. “whosthemostextremesuperstarintheworldnowitsmeitsM…”
The crowd laugh their crabs off, Matt is screaming blue murder on the ramp and Mr Kennedy is loving it. So distracted by Kennedy is Matt that he fails to notice The Sandman behind him. Kennedy points back, Matt turns and gets the shit caned out of him for like two full minutes.  ( 53 )
Then Power Hour goes off air. You feel like it was a good show, but somehow the WWE has lost popularity with you anyway.

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