Smackdown, Week 1 2017

Welcome to Smackdown Live!!!



Before the show kicks off in earnest, we’re reminded of the results from last Sundays PPV, that haven’t already been brought up on CWC.

HHH Beat Cesaro in a first blood match after the Nu Wyatt Family interrupted
Seth Rollins defended his WWE title against KO in the tightest of matches
Enzo and Cass beat Gallows and Anderson for the tag team belts with American Alpha at ringside. Post match American Alpha made their intentions clear that they’re coming for the belts. 
Roman got decimated by the Nu Wyatt family in trying to get through to Dean Ambrose
Randy Orton beat John Morrison for the number one contendership to Cody Rhodes’ NWA World Heavyweight Championship. But then got mugged by Anderson and Gallows, before Morrison, completely out of character, hit a down and out viper with Starship Pain.

“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM-BA-BOOM! BOOM!” The show starts with an impressive opening of pyro, before the lights are raised and several sections of the excited crowd are shown waving various signs. The focus then switches to the announce table where JBL and Mauro Ranallo introduce and hype tonight’s show and the expected impact the likes of Triple H, Seth Rollins, Cesaro and Brock Lesnar are likely to have. (77)

And we kick off with the reigning and defending WWE Champ, Seth Rollins.


“Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you, still YOUR, WWE CHAMPION. SETH… ROLLINS!” “Now, don’t get me wrong. Kevin Owens put up one hell of a fight. Maybe even the toughest fight I’ve had since becoming WWE Champion. But once again. I persevered, I retained, and on this show. MY SHOW, the top show of the year in 2016!!!, I am still…. your…”
Seth is cut off by Cesaro. The 2016 wrestler of the year makes his way to the ring to a chorus of cheers. he gets the microphone..
“You may be the WWE Champion… And this may be the show of the year.. But without me, the Swiss Superman, the wrestler of the year, the single best wrestler on the planet right now. This show would be struggling. I prop this show up with my performances Seth, which means I prop you up.
(Crowd go oooooooooohhhhhhhh)
Seth responds by shoving the belt in Cesaro’s face and says that he’s never earnt a shot at his title, because he can never get the job done. (Crowd goes Ooooooh again).
At that point ASSISTANT GM Jim Ross comes to the ramp and makes tonight’s main event. Tonight we will have Seth Rollins V Antonio Cesaro. And if Cesaro manages to beat Seth Rollins? Then he will face Rollins for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. (That whole segment got an unbelievable 94 rating)

Syria’s good at this time of year right?
Next up is a match from the CWC number one contender tournament for a cahnce to face Dolph Ziggler for the Cruiserweight crown at the Royal rumble. Tyler Breeze v Sin cara. Breeze is making is in ring debut on the main show tonight, and attacked Sin Cara last night on the last episode of CWC, so this one has a little added angst.
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat (shit), Tyler Breeze defeated Sin Cara in 8:40 by pinfall with a Beauty Shot. (55)
The announcers do a piece on the stable, the faction, the family known as The Bullet Club, for everyone at home who may not know who they are. They focus on outlining the history that Anderson, Gallows, Cody Rhodes, and the new boy in town, AJ Styles have together, and although the faction has only been teased thus far, they put over how much of a threat they could be. (66)  

But here’s one man who will have to face at least one of these men. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and says that he said that he said that his greatest achievement was still to come.and it will come, at the Royal Rumble, when he wins one of the few championships he is yet to win, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. And not just from anyone. From his former protege and Legacy member. Cody Rhodes.
At that point Randy is cut off……
“NO, No, no, no no” “I am sick, and I am tired, of hearing about this NWA Championship. It’s stupid, it’s pointless. and it’s taking everyones attention away from where it should be. On ME. THE…BRIAN…KENDRICK.
Kendrick Squares up to Randy, but then there is an unmistakable sound…..
(You have to listen to the first ten seconds of that link above before you carry on reading)
First Anderson and Gallows appear.. before the signal for someone else to come out…..
The Bullet Club have arrived. Aj Styles grabs the mic as the men slowly walk down towards Kendrick and Orton…. “Randy Orton… Let’s all give it up for Randy Orton ladies and gentleman!!!! The man has achieved so much during his time here, and it is because of these triumphs, that we, Styles, Anderson, and Gallows, grant him this, the Randy Orton, Fairwell tour… Because Randy.. We’re going to put you in the ground”. (81)
The 3 men surround the ring.
By this time Kendrick has already squirmed away, wanting nothing to do with the bullet club, he’s high tailed it through the crowd,looking pretty smug with himself. To which AJ reminds him that he’ll see him in the next round of the CWC number one contender tournament. (Kendrick then loses his smile). The numbers game is just too much for Randy right from the off. He  goes to hit an RKO on Gallows but gets laid into by AJ and Anderson. Anderson holds the viper as Aj hits him with kicks and punches. One Magic Killer later. And AJ sets him up for a ceremonial…
Styles Clash (76)

Drama aside, It’s time for our second match of the night from the CWC number one contender tournament!
The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels faces the lively Rich Swann.
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, (god damn it) Christopher Daniels defeated Rich Swann in 6:57 by pinfall with an Angel’s Wings. (63)
Backstage. Jim Ross informs us that after the actions that transpired between the Bullet Club and Randy Orton. Next week, AJ Styles will have his first match on Smackdown. And it will be against Randy Orton! (71)
The new tag tem champions Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady are in the ring, and they thank all of the fans for being Certified G’s. They recall all the hard times they’ve had fighting up through the ranks, but now that they’re tag team champs. No-one is going to be able to lay a finger on them.(38)
They take their seats at commentary, to watch tag team number one contenders elect American Alpha take on Primo and Epico
In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, American Alpha defeated Primo and Epico in 8:12 when Chad Gable defeated Epico by pinfall. (48)
After that, my tag division may need a work over. Fuck you new game.
Roman Reigns is here folks. And shockingly, he’s getting face pops because I haven’t shoved him down you fucking throats as some sort of unbeatable demi-god.  (77)

“Nu Wyatt Family, you can spout your rhetoric all you want. I’m here. And I will be ….Every…Week…. Now get down here and prove that you can actually wrestle. 1…on…1. Any of you. Bray, Dean, Rowen. Your choice. But we know it won’t be you Bray, you don’t have the balls.
They’re here.
All 3 members of the Nu Wyatt family make there way to the ring, and while each man puts themselves forward to Bray to face Roman. Bray surprisingly puts himself forward. BRAY WYATT V ROMAN REIGNS. IT’S COMING… NEXT!
In a superb match, Bray Wyatt defeated Roman Reigns in 13:29 by pinfall with a Swinging Reverse STO (Sister bloody Abigail) following interference from Dean Ambrose. Roman sent Bray outside the ring, but they were separated by Dean. Roman once again tried to get through to the Old Dean Ambrose, but it took enough time for Bray to get back up, throw Roman into the steel steps, put him back into the ring, and pounce with sister Abigail. (77)
Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, and reminds us all that in just a few weeks time, it’s the Royal Rumble. He knows he came close last weekend to claiming the WWE Championship, but when he wins the rumble and heads t WrestleMania, the WWE Champion won’t be so lucky. Brock Lesnar has already named himself in the rumble. Well now KO is the second Smackdown participant.
Ko is cut off by a more serious looking John Morrison. He gets in the ring and says that he “DOESN’T…CARE” the moment KO goes to address him on the mic. “I..will not..Can NOT…lose, at the royal rumble. I.. Must…Win”.
KO’s taken aback and doesn’t really know what to say. Morrison squares up to KO… But then…
Brock makes a be line to the ring!! Him and KO have already exchanged words and glances, but Lesnar is only interested in violence tonight! As he gets onto the ring ropes KO stutters but Morrison BLASTS Lesnar in the face with a kick to the skull. HE HAS THE BEAST STUNED! What on earth has gotten into JoMo?
With The beast stunned KO takes his opportunity to hit a pop up powerbomb on Morrison who is turning around. But in the aftermath, Lesnar has gotten into the ring.
Lesnar stands tall over a flattened Owens to end the segment, as Morrison gets to his feet on the ramp to stare at the beast of a man he will likely have to eliminate if he wants to win the rumble.
Sheamus cuts a promo hyping himself up.
“I may have been gone for a while Fella’s. But I’m back. And I’m going to prove to all of you, that I not only deserve a spot in it, but that I am going to win.. The Royal…. Rumble. (77)

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Sheamus defeated Curtis Axel in 8:15 by pinfall with a Brogue Kick. (69)
Cesaro is shown warming up backstage for his huge match, which is coming up next!!. (73)
In a bout that had superb wrestling and great heat, Seth Rollins and Cesaro pulled out all the stops. I’m talking Springboard uppercuts, I’m talking not one, but 2 Falcon Arrows, I’m talking a Neutralizer that Rollins countered into a sunset flip that nearly one the match.
The match was on a tight rope until…
Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro in 18:04 when Cesaro was disqualified when Triple H ran in and attacked Seth Rollins. (79)
Following the conclusion of the match, Triple H retrieves a sledgehammer from underneath the ring and blindsides Seth Rollins with a vicious blow to the abdomen. With his target doubled over, Triple H drops the sledgehammer and lays out Rollins with a pedigree (77)
“Don’t worry Seth. I’ve already found you and opponent for the Royal Rumble…. ME. Run”. 
Overall rating 83.
Apparently that’s enough to increase the show’s popularity in 22 regions.

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