CWC, Week 4 2017

Ladies and gentleman! Welcome to a landmark episode of CWC.
Tonight. We have the semi finals AND THE FINAL. Of the CWC Number One contendership contest. The Bullet Clubs AJ Styles takes on the man that gravity forgot; Adrian Neville and Kota Ibushi takes on Tyler Breeze!
… But first up….



Former Crusierweight and Current US Champion Brian Kendrick has arrived, having regained the US title from Dolph Ziggler last week on Smackdown.
He has a mandatory title defence tonight. But against who?
He takes a microphone and starts talking to the crowd. “Finally, I can defend my championship without being unfairly assaulted before the match even begins, or JR makes up some dumb rule”.
So ANY CRUISERWEIGHT AT THE BACK. Lets see if you can hang with THE Brian Kendrick” (65)


In a decent match, Brian Kendrick defeated Evan Bourne in 8:07 by pinfall following interference from Karl Anderson. Brian Kendrick makes defence number 1 of his WWE United States title. (71)
Backstage, Tyson Kidd consoles his tag team partner after his hard though match v Brian Kendrick earlier. He says to not worry, because after they beat Anderson and Gallows in tag action last week on Smackdown, they’re going to win the Vacant Smackdown tag team titles (56)
The charismatic Jim Ross heads to the ring with a microphone in hand and welcomes the fans to tonight’s event. After thanking them for attending, Jim Ross then rattles off a few shoot-style comments towards a couple of the promotion’s rivals, before he further displays his gratitude to the fans by dropping to his knees and bowing to the various sections of the crowd. It’s thanks to them that the Cruiserweight division is back. They in turn respond by chanting the promotion’s initials en-mass over and over. “C DUB C….C DUB C”. (Despite only like 12 of them have ever watched ECW).(58)


In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, AJ Styles defeated Adrian Neville in 7:46 by pinfall with a Styles Clash. (72)
Primo and Epico are backstage chilling, reminiscing about Puerto Rico and all it’s glories, and then they start bragging about pwning on Luchadores for the last few weeks. “They have such stupid masks” Say the former Los Matadores members. They’re cut off though when the baby face trio of Rey Mysterio Jr., Kalisto and Sin Cara, get some comeuppance for the last few weeks and beat them down. (46)
(I’m fecking done with Luchadores on this game)

In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Kota Ibushi defeated Tyler Breeze in 7:38 by pinfall with a Golden Star Press. (70)
A video airs replaying the Creation, and then Desolation, of the short lived tag team known as KO-MO, as they valiantly thought off the beast Brock Lesnar last week. (78)
Jerry Lawler is backstage with Dolph Ziggler talking about his upcoming match against the winner of tonight’s final.
“Frankly Jerry, it doesn’t matter. Neither man has been in this company for over 10 minutes. They may have thought all around the world. But I’ve always been a constant. Putting in big time performances on the biggest stage for a decade. Whoever wins will fall on the big stage, to me… because I’m………………. Dolph Ziggler (78)
The semi-knowledgeable crowd in the CWC arena know what they’re in for here. A fucking treat..
The match starts very technically, takedowns and counters, eating up about 3-4 minutes of the match. AJ tends to make for more dominant takedowns, But Kota always finds a way to counter the move into either a pinfall attempt or a teased submission.
Both men start trading armbars. Rolling through to alleviate the pressure and to put it on to their opponent. Kota gets flipped onto the outside of the ring and falls to the matt, AJ goes to vault over but Kota moves out of the way. AJ vaults over but lands on the ring apron. To which he’s met by a VICIOUS roundhouse kick to his legs. Flooring him hard on the apron. Kota has taken the upper hand!
Kota gets Aj back in the ring where he throws him around, hitting him with dropkicks as AJ rebounds off the rope. He flings AJ into the corner and starts hitting him with incredibly stiff blows. 1…2….3.. elbows square to the jaw. AJ responds with some heavy chest slaps, getting himself out of the corner at the same time. Both men are now in the centre of the ring. Just elbowing each other in the face one at a time. Each time a man gets hit, their legs wobble but they come back and hit again. Kota eventually fells AJ and goes to the apron. He sets up to vault back into the ring BUT AJ CATCHS HIM IN THE FIREMANS CARRY POSITION. He flings him over the top rope, holding his neck to Kota is stunnered by the tope rope as he falls. AJ is in charge now!


We get some outside of the ring arena fighting, before both men make their ways back in…both men trade strong kicks before Kota once again gets the upper hand. AJ gets floored after a kick to the chest.
Aj kicks out. Kota picks him up and aims to hit him with a powerbomb. AJ rolls over the top of him though. Kick to the gut… STYLES CLASH!!!!!!!!
“It’s OVER!!!
Ibushi kicks out!
We’re still going!
Both men stand in opposite corners and get chants from the crowd. AJ bemoans his bad luck to the referee, before both men lock up again. Aj goes the an Argentine spinout gutbuster. And hits it! Smooth as you like though. Kota respons with a picture perfect Pelle kick. AJ takes it. Rebounds off the ropes. And hits his own Pelle kick!.
AJ’s on top… He goes for the phenomenal forearm…..
Kota catches him as he falls, in a position akin to how Kofi Kingston does the SOS. He hits a variation of it, before lifting him up in the same motion to hit the Golden Star Bomb!!!! Kota doesn’t even go for the cover….. TOP ROPE!



KOTA IBUSHI HAS BEATEN AJ STYLES. Styles has lost his first match in WWE. In an instant classi. Kota Ibushi is going to the Royal Rumble to take on Dolph Ziggler! (70)
Overall show 74.

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