Smackdown, Week 4 2017


Ladies and Gentleman, we welcome you live to this, the last Smackdown on the Road to the Road to Wrestlemania! 🙂 “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM-BA-BOOM! BOOM!” The show starts with an impressive opening of pyro, before the lights are raised and several sections of the excited crowd are shown waving various signs. The focus then switches to the announce table where Michael Cole and JBL introduce and hype tonight’s show and the expected impact the likes of WWE Champion Seth Rollins, The short lived Duo of KO-MO, and new number one contender to the Cruiserweight championship, Kota Ibushi will have (74)


And what better way to start the show, than with the man himself, WWE Champion Seth Rollins!
He starts the show with a familiar defiant tone in his voice. “I’ve been WWE Champion since SummerSlam, And you can put your houses on the fact that I’m still going to be WWE Champion after the dust has settled on the Royal Rumble. Triple H isn’t going into battle with a boy. Triple H hasn’t put himself into battle with a so called wink leak on his show. No. Triple H is going into battle with the best damn wrestler on this show….
Bray, Dean and Rowan appear on the ramp. Bray has a mic in hand. “Oh Seth my brother, you look so confident, so strong, stood in that ring, with your crown around your waist. I mean. Why shouldn’t you? You bested me ahahah, TWICE NO LESS. But Seth. Since then, I.. am stronger… WE….are stronger………. Look  at your former brother Dean here. He finally knows how to put his talents to use. We have plans Seth. And you.. Are not in them”.
The Wyatts circle the ring with Rollins ready to fight….
Have no fear. New cool, full journeyed upper mid card post-heel Roman Reigns is here. The Wyatt’s backtrack and before they re-organise, Assistant GM Jim Ross is here to break up hostilities.
“Bray. If you’re so confident that you’re family is stronger than ever, then you will have no problem putting your right hand acolyte, Dean Ambrose, against the the man you proclaim is in your way. THE WWE CHAMPION SETH ROLLINS. AND THAT MATCH. IS NEXT! (83)
In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Seth Rollins drew with Dean Ambrose in 9:50 when the match descended into chaos after Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns became involved. (70) The match was even stevens, Dean went for the lunatic Lariet after being propelled against the ropes via a well placed high knee from Seth Rollins, Seth Countered though. ducking under Ambrose, and hitting the FUCKING PEDIGREE. Sending a direct message to Triple H. After that Rowen and Bray got in the ring, So did Roman, All hell broke loose. And the Segment ends with Seth and Roman standing tall, as the Wyatt’s retreat.
Backstage. Kevin Owens is hanging around, when he’s confronted by a more than slightly peeved, John Morrison. After their apparent joint repelling of the beast incarnate last week on SmackDown, KO Power bombed John, and shrugged it off afterwards. Before any words can be said. Cesaro appears and laughs at the two men.
 Cesaro            “Ahahahahaha. Look at you two. You make such a pretty couple. Who… You know….. Where’s the trousers?? It’s you John right?? And last week… Kevin got jealous at you spending time with Brock.. And that’s why he got in a tiff?”
KO                   “Whoa whoa whoa whoa” decrees KO. Where did you get a mouth like that? Last time I checked. I beat you Cesaro. And I’m not even sure you’ve won a match since..”
Before Cesaro can retort. The Viper, and Number one contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Randy Orton appears behind Cesaro.
Orton                  “Hey John. So what… Does Kevin fight all of you battles now for you? You were so sick of losing to me.. That… You need this ape to help you?? Come on John. I thought you were above two on one handicap challenges”
Morrison             “WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. I don’t need Kevin to fight my battles, we just happen to have worked well together in the past”
KO                      “Thank you John, and frankly. We were busy having a discussion here about god, life, and the universe. And you two think it’s just acceptable to punk around, and eat up our valuable time like that? John. You can beat Randy right? Well then get down to that ring, and show this man that you wear a decent proportion of the trousers in this relationship. And Cesaro. I’ll show you how much I wear later tonight. I’ll sort it with JR Right now! (75)
Randy makes his way to the ring, excited about getting in a work out before his title match with Cody Rhodes this Sunday, and is followed by John Morrison, Who has KO follwing him down!
During the match, Orton was setting up the RKO, before Bullet Club member and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes hit ringside to distract Randy. While the referee was dealing with Cody. KO Snuck into the ring and clocks Orton with a Low Blow. STARSHIP PAIN BY MORRISON. And John Morrison has beaten Randy Orton. Something he’s never done before!!!!
In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, John Morrison defeated Randy Orton in 11:04 by pinfall with a Starship Pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (74)
This Commercial is hyping the royal rumble event. w/ Brock Lesnar on screen German suplexing everyone (76)
Backstage. Gallows, Anderson, Styles, and Rhodes are all seen chatting. AJ is telling Gallows and Anderson that it’s in their own hands to make the Bullet Club proud. And that they and they alone are in control of bringing the WWE Tag Team Championships back to the Bullet Club. Cody appears and reiterates pretty much the exact same statement. AJ thanks Cody for his input, but that he has this situation under control. “I’m lead motivator!” Says AJ. Cody retorts
“AJ. You lost last night. And despite how good that much was. I’m the only actual winner, and champion here. If there’s a lead anyone. It’s me. If I were you AJ. I’d worry a little less about Gallows and Anderson… And a bit more about yourself”…. (69)
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are in the ring, and are squaring off, unhappy about not being handed the tag team championships yet. The argument soon turns physical, and they are joined by Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd. Both teams are about to scrap it out until…… What?
Fandango and Curt Hennig? Curt has the mic.
I’m perfect. And my friend Fandango here. He isn’t far off. He can do a better Plie than any of you. Show them Dango..
Good stuff. Now Air Canada. Get ready to fight. Because we’re about to prove that together, Perfect Plie, can win vacant tag gold (57)
(I’m sorry it’s come to this)
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Perfect Plie defeated Air Canada / Born Better in 9:19 when Fandango defeated Evan Bourne by pinfall with a Perfect Plex – Leg drop combo (58)
(Evan Bourne will be going to rehab after this I’m afraid guys)
The cameras cut backstage, and we’re with The Game. HHH is here! He’s in his suit at the back, but his eyes are totally glazed white, and he’s swaying from side to side. As the camera man follows him, people offer to help a clearly distressed Hunter Helmsley, But he pushes them out of the way as he continues to stagger down the corridor.
Eventually, with 4 or 5 people having been knocked over, JR comes out to try and talk to his old friend. Inexplicably however, HHH pushes the great man down with both of his hands. The camera man pans to his face again, drool starting to make his way down the side of his cheek… Only the whites visible in his eyes. He passes the next corner to find an unfortunately faced Prince of Pretty, Tyler Breeze. Breeze tries to take a selfie with H’s, but gets bludgeoned with his own selfie stick. By now. This has caused a huge commotion backstage. Superstars and management are everywhere, trying to calm down their boss. HHH isn’t ready to stop his vacant, meaningless tear however, and continues to stumble around as he becomes circled. The circle eventually parts and The WWE champion Seth Rollins is there staring down the man he will face in less than a week. Seth Jumps at HHH and both men brawl back up the corridor. Seth defending the helpless and HHH being the bearer of meaningless destruction. Both men fight all the way to the carpark, where Rollins manages to lock HHH back in his limo. He instructs the driver to take him home. As he leaves. He holds his title belt aloft. (78)
A video airs showing highlights of the CWC Final between AJ Styles and Kota Ibushi, with Dolph Ziggler looking on. (64) Tonight. AJ Styles teams with Crusierweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, as they take on the team of Kota Ibushi and Adrian Neville
In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Kota Ibushi and Adrian Neville defeated Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles in 8:57 when Kota Ibushi defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall with a Golden Star Press. IS THAT A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME?? (72)
(Kota Ibushi and Adrian Neville have EXCELLENT CHEMISTRY WORKING TOGETHER. Remember that)
Post match. Possibly with that scathing verbal assault just hit at him by Cody Rhodes. AJ Styles helps up his tag partner Dolph. Before levelling him with series of kicks.
But who, is it going to be facing Kendrick this week?
Kendrick looks anxious, but In a decent match, Brian Kendrick defeated Sheamus in 8:37 by submission following interference from Baron Corbin. The lone wolf hit the ring and Sheamus made his way up the ramp to knock Corbin down. By the time he got himself back into the ring though, Kendrick was ready, locked in the Captains hook. And forced Sheamus to tap out as Corbin made his way to the ring. Kendrick left sharpish, before Corbin hit Sheamus with The End of Days
Brian Kendrick makes defence number 2 of his WWE United States title.  (68)
A video plays hyping the royal rumble matches Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton, and Dolph Ziggler vs. Kota Ibushi. (68)
We then get joined live via video link from the beast Brock Lesnar, who has a target on a blackboard, with two images placed upon it. One of the Royal Rumble Logo, and one of the team known has KO-MO.
A video then plays hyping the WWE Championship match between Triple and Seth Rollins. (81)
After their tirade of words towards eachother earlier. Cesaro and Kevin Owens make their way to the ring for this main event. And after Kevin Owens’ influence earlier. Guess what? John Morrison is at ringside in KO’s corner. All three of these men will be in the rumble folks.
In a bout that had sensational wrestling and fantastic heat, Kevin Owens defeated Cesaro in 14:48 by pinfall with a Package Piledriver, following a Cesaro distraction caused by none other, than John Freakin’ Morrison. (81)
To end the show. Morrison hops into the ring to help Owens to his feet. KO is weary about his intentions, considering his own actions last week. But both men have bonded tonight. and they both enjoy their victory in front of tonight’s adoring crowd. :):):):):)
Does that mean they’re even?
Show. 79. 

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