CWC, February Week 1 2017


The show starts with selected highlights of the Cruiserweights involvement at the Royal Rumble. We see Austin Aries make his debut in the rumble, and Kota getting so close to winning Dolph’s championship, before Jack Swagger shockingly cost him.

The show starts with a returning JR at the helm of the show. He makes his way down to the ring, microphone in hand. And goes to make a series of big announcements.

“Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the show that puts the word pace in pacey. Cruiserweight Central! And we have some big things going on tonight, as we build towards our next PPV. WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER….. And, while the Cruiserweights of Smackdown live will once again show us why they’re so sought after on that show. I wish to announce a few other things, for at WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER… There will be not just one, but TWO. Chamber matches……


In Chamber one. The new, WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, will defend his belt against five other men. Three of those men have already been confirmed. Apostle of the Wyatt family Dean Ambrose has deserved his spot in recent weeks, to step foot in the chamber. Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins, also deserves his rematch. In the Chamber. And joining them? Roman Reigns. The further two competitors will be chosen on Smackdown.

And Chamber two? We will see six men battle for the right…. TO BECOME THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER, TO THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP AT WRESTLEEEEEEE……………..


We’re cut off by Dolph Ziggler, Still. The Cruiserweight champion, after his controversial win over Kota Ibushi.

“JR…JR… JR! Let me stop you right there. You can just tell everyone right now. That I AM GOING TO BE IN THAT CHAMBER. AND I, AM GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA. As the number one cruiserweight on the planet.”

Dolph steps foot into the ring with a smug look of pretentiousness on his face. JR replies that he had been thinking about offering Dolph a spot. But that was until he utilised the services of Jack Swagger to help him retain his Cruiserweight championship. He goes onto reiterate the rules of CWC. If you don’t make the weight. You don’t make the show. So it doesn’t matter what sort of “friendship” Dolph may have with Swagger. It doesn’t mean Jack here. (Lawl)

“In fact. Dolph. I have a different idea for your competition tonight. You see. In our main event. You’re going one on one with the man you screwed, Kota Ibushi. If he wins, then he gets another title shot. And more importantly Dolph. If you lose. You will not be considered for either Chamber match.”


A video plays hyping Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Kalisto. We see Kalisto and Sin Cara turn on their former friend at The Royal Rumble, for seemingly no reason.


In a decent match, Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Kalisto in 9:43 by pinfall with a West Coast Pop. Just before the match started. Rey went to shake Kalisto’s hand. Kalisto looked to Sin Cara at ringside who shook his head. Rey went to square up to Sin Cara, but then the ref rang the bell and the action kicked off.

Immediately post-match. Sin Cara hops into the ring and lays Rey out with a clothesline. He directs Kalisto to hit… Solida Del Sol, to the legendary luchador.

The tag team walk off to large boos.

Debut time.


Austin Aries has a microphone, and says that he is the best…cruiserweight….on…the…planet. And more than that. He is the greatest man alive today. His resume speaks for itself, and he has chosen this moment, to etch his name in history. Tonight will be his debut. And tomorrow? Who knows. But it’s only going to be a downhill trip, for anyone. That gets in his way.


In a bout that had good wrestling but little heat, Austin Aries defeated Tyler Breeze in 9:41 by submission with a Last Chancery.



A backstage worker is shown knocking on a door with “Dolph Ziggler” on the placard. Moments later Dolph Ziggler himself emerges from the locker room, looking psyched up. He’s asked for a longer entrance here tonight. Goldberg-esque. So that the people in the audience can bask, and truly appreciate his most recent title defence. Whilst the capacity crowd boo Dolph Continuously the camera follows him the through the backstage area until he pushes back the curtain and emerges on the stage to his entrance theme..

But here’s a man who gives zero fucks for Dolph right now. Kota Ibushi.


In a decent match, Kota Ibushi defeated Dolph Ziggler CLEAN, in 13:35 by pinfall with a Golden Star Press.

Kota Ibushi is celebrating his victory in the ring. He gets up, turns around.




Phillips – “He’s not even allowed to be here!”

Graves – “But then main event is over. What’s the rule here? It’s not clear to me, it’s not clear to you, and it’s surely not clear to Jack Swagger there!”

Dolph comes to. He’s livid that he’s just been beaten by a punk kid. Swagger lifts him up. Preps him to have his head kicked off by Dolph…

But just in time! Neville is here to save his pal!


Neville hits the ring like Amy Winehouse used to hit white powdered substances, scares off the two All Americans, and stands tall with Number one contender Kota Ibushi in the ring to end the show.


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