Power Hour, February Week 2 201


Welcome to the WWE Power Hour, brought to you by Monday Night Raw and… Jay Lethal.

image (1).png


The European Champion comes down the ring with a massive shit eating grin on his face.


“You see this suit? This is from Saville Rowe. See this shirt? This is a bespoke Turnbull & Asser shirt. You see this title? This is the European Title. I am the European Champion and there is nothing… Nothing! More classy than a European. Suit, shirt, belt, Champion!


“There’s been a lot of trash talked on this show about me and my title. Damien Sandow wants you to think I’m scared to defend my belt, and Mr Kennedy wants you to think that I’m not worthy of holding it in the first place. They both talk about Eddie Guerrero and Test and British Bulldog, Champions from the past. But you know what? They’re all dead. Those are all dead men and spouting there names all over town means nothing. Anyone can die. but how about living? How about striving? How about achieving and winning and succeeding and being the CURRENT European Champion since Bad Blood last year!”

Everyone boos. It’s not polite to remind them that Eddie is dead. Not unless you’re making a babyface speech about winning a title.

“So I don’t have to listen to the idiots and chumps like Sandow and Kennedy, like Stixx and Zack Ryder or who ever the hell yes. They can do and say whatever they want and it means nothing to me. But someone I do listen to is John Cena!”

More booing. Properly booing. Cena is not a popular man.

“John Cena called me out last week on Raw and told me that if I wanted a part in the Cenation that I had to fight for my place. I’m down with that, but I’m just going to fight the first person who comes out here. You want a pop at the champ? You fight for YOUR place! And my place, is this place. I’m taking over the Power Hour! So anyone back there who wants to come at me for this title, look at the superstar to your left… then punch him in the face, because you’re fighting each other before any of you are fighting me!

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Free Ryder defeated The Vaudevillains in 8:13 when Zack Ryder defeated Simon Gotch by pinfall with a Free Ryder.

We see a video hyping John Cena and his announcement that he was taking over The Gilded and rebranding it the Cenation. He put the current Raw Champions on notice, before taking on ECW Champion Edge and kicking him out of the group.


Backstage, The Miz runs across Jay Lethal and demands a shot at the title. Lethal just shakes his head, tells Miz to look left, and walks off. Miz looks, and finds himself looking into the eyes of Carlito, who smiles and then spits chewed apple in his face and walks off.

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Carlos Colon Jr. defeated The Miz in 8:51 by pinfall with a Backstabber.

The Big Show is in the back, mic in massive hand, spitting shit about The Ascension.


“Konnor and Viktor are two big guys. Two aggressive guys. Two former NXT Tag Champions and two probably future Universal Tag Champions. They’re strong and they’re fast. But they’re not as strong as me.”

Kofi Kingston appears from behind Big Show, “And they’re not as fast as me. So get ready Ascension. You’re about to have… a Big Day.”

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Kofi Kingston defeated Viktor in 9:08 by pinfall with a Trouble in Paradise.

Before our Main Event here tonight, European Champion and self proclaimed master of the Power Hour Jay Lethal comes down to ringside and takes a seat next to Renee Young and Booker T. Renee asks him what he’s doing out here, but Lethal just ignores her. He says hello to Booker, compliments him on his dreads, then sits with his chin on his hands staring at the ring. Looks like Jay’s gonna be joining us on commentary here.


Sandow comes out and cuts a short promo on his opponent, “Mr Ken Kennedy…you know we are a lot alike. We both won Money in the Bank and we can both talk the talk better than most, but one thing Kennedy lacks is intelligence. Ring savvy. The mental wherewithal to always be two steps ahead and one to the side. You know I can out think you, outclass you. Don’t shoot the messenger Ken. I’m just telling you what you already know.”

In a decent match, Damien Sandow defeated Mr. Kennedy in 10:09 by pinfall, after busting out a top rope diving Senton and illegally using the ropes for leverage.

After the match, Sandow points to Lethal’s EU Title, “I’m coming for you Lethal!” but Jay shakes Booker’s hand and walks off to the back, completely no selling Sandow.

Overall – 72

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