CWC, February Week 2 2017

First up. a recap of what went on last week. In the main event. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Dolph Ziggler lost CLEAN to current foe Kota Ibushi, causing Dolph to be excluded from any Elimination Chamber match, AND guaranteeing Kota Ibushi a future shot at the Crusierweight Championship. Austin Aries made his long awaited debut. by knocking off The Prince of Pretty Tyler Breeze. And the Lucha Dragons well and truly turned on Rey Mysterio.




The show starts backstage with Assistant general manager Jim Ross shuffling through paperwork. There’s a knock at the door, and in comes…


unnamed (14)


The Bullet Clubs own Cody Rhodes. (Who meets the weight classification for the Cruiserweight Division!)


Cody Smiles at JR and says that despite having earnt passage to the WWE CHampionship Elimination Chamber match in just over 2 weeks. He’s seen the Cruiserweight division get bigger and bigger on CWC. He wants to be part of it. And he’s bringing the Bullet Club stable name with him. First thing on the agenda. Cod Rhodes wants a Cruiserweight championship match!


JR says that he’s happy Cody is here. BUT. He needs to prove himself in this division before any title matches are given, even with his reputation. Cody snubs his nose up originally. But then says that he can beat anyone. And just as he says that….


This douche arrives.


JR tells Cody to make his way to the ring. As he has an opponant lined up for him next. Cody walks out with his eyes locked on Dolph. Dolph stands smug with his Cruiserweight championship and thanks JR for calling his top guy into the office.


Jr says to wipe that grin off his face.


JR – “This show is about bringing the best, most athletic and agile guys from around the world. And making them stars. You are blatantly going against everything this show stands for everytime you invite Jack Swagger down to ringside. You can do that on Smackdown. But this is CWC. And I’m in charge. And I’m here to tell you this. If Jack Swagger makes his presence felt on this show IN ANY WAY EVER AGAIN… YOU WILL BE STRIPPED OF THE WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP”.


Dolph loses his shit. He exclaims at how unfair that is. Before JR tells him that he’s not finished yet.


JR – “Tonight Dolph, you will not face Kota Ibushi. As he is in tag action with his partner and friend Adrian Neville tonight against the Lucha Dragons. INSTEAD. You will main event against…. The greatest man that ever lived. AUSTIN ARIES. Dolph. You already have Kota Ibushi to worry about. Don’t be losing to Austin Aries. Because even the best champions can’t defend their championships against too many contenders.”

image (1)


The Bullet Clubs Cody Rhodes is ready to debut on CWC. But who exactly has JR found for his first opponent?




It’s the FORMER. United States CHampion THE Brian Kendrick. And he heads to the ring with a microphone in his hand


“I was screwed out of my United States Championship. And now I’ve been forced to come here and wrestle someone who is NEVER going to win the Cruiserweight championship? I should be wrestling the best. the elite. Cody. You are not Elite (see what I did there)


Ina a decent match, Cody Rhodes defeated an extremely brash and aggressive Brian Kendrick in 100:05 by pinfall with a Cross Rhodes. Everytime a decsision went against Kendrick he berated the referee. Finally it cost him. As Cody took advantage of Kendrick’s distraction and hit Cross Rhodes.


We get a video promo from Tyler Breeze. In it he ackowledges that while he may not be here at CWC tonight. The WWE best be ready for The Prince….. Of Pretty.


Backstage. We see No1 contender Kota Ibushi and friend Neville head to the ring for tag action vs the Lucha dragons, as we head into the break.

Ina bout that had decent Wrestling but not much heat, Kota Ibushi and Adrian Neville defeated the Lucha Dragons in 12:12 when Adrian Neville hit the red arrow on Sin Cara for the win. During the match. Rey Mysterio made his presence felt by coming out and distracting Kalisto. This caused Sin Caras attention to be caught for just a split second too long. A Kota Ibushi power bomb and a Neville Red Arrow later. And this match is over.
unnamed (1)

Ibushi and Neville nod at Rey as we go backstage.


In two separate video promos. We see Austin Aries chat to an announcer backstage about how he is simply Great. Dolph is good. But he’s not great. And tonight. his winning streak is going to go to 2-0 on CWC. and when he does win? The Cruiserweight championship will very very soon be around his waist…………….


The video then cuts to Dolph Ziggler who is on the phone. He’s obviously talking to Jack Swagger. Dolph has to tell him “NO, DON’T COME…. Look look look…. I’ll explain later”. He finishes taping up his hands and makes his way to the ring.




And one Dolph Ziggler can ill afford to lose if he wants to be able to focus on just one challenger at a time. 


image (2)


He will be facing this man. Who will not be flustered by this big event.


unnamed (2)


In a decent match that had good wrestling……


Dolph did what Dolph does when he’s not got support. He quickly tried to dominate proceedings, and stuck to a solid ground game. after 10 minutes of jostling. Dolph hits a SUPERKICK! But Aries rolls out of the ring!
Graves – “Great ring awareness by the veteran Aries!”


Thanks Corey


Dolph gets frustrated by regains his cool. He heads outside and throws Aries back into the ring.


unnamed (3)


But just at the point. Kota Ibushi appears on the Titantron! He’s in the interview area with compadre Adrian Neville. You can tell he’s been practising his English because he says to Dolph. “You shuck Dolph Wriggwer. He gives a cheeky grin and poses with Neville. The Titantron goes black again. No-one has a fucking clue what just happened. DOlph gets into the ring SPINNING CLOTHESLINE FOREARM BY AUSTIN ARIES. Dolph Ziggler must be out of it!

unnamed (4)




There is no way out. Ziggler taps almost immediately.
unnamed (5)


Phillips – “Aries has put himself slap bacng in the middle of the Crusierweight Championship picture here tonight folks!”


image (3)


Dolph is in the ring clutching his title belt after the referee gives it to him. Aries smiles on the ramp with his hand in the air. And Kota Ibushi and Adrian Neville come out to the entrance ramp, to share a smile in Dolph’s direction.

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