Power Hour, February Week 3 2017

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Welcome to the god damn Power Hour, brought to you by Raw exclusive PPV LOCK DOWN!


At the announcers desk are Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, so let’s get ready for some action!


And here he is. Your European Champion, Jay Lethal. Last week he declared this to be HIS show and started making matches left and right. Since they have all concerned number one contendership for his EU Title, I suppose he can do what he wants thanks to Champions Rights, enacted by Mr McMahon himself back after Survivor Series.

He gets on the mic, mint retro European Title over his shoulder, “Last week the intellectual saviour of your asses Damian Sandow beat Mr Apple Sauce Carlito Colon to advance One More Step to Europe. But just because you pin some afro salesman doesn’t mean you immediately get to face The Champion of a whole continent. Which is me.

Sandow has one more hurdle to get through, which will be to beat the man who wins tonight’s Fatal 4Way Main Event!

It’s gonna be the former European Champion Stixx, from whom I took this very belt, versus The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe, versus The Miz who does not have a nickname, versus… an old friend of mine. A former tag team partner of mine in fact. A man I called friend and a man who recently made his return to these shores. He’s Up Up, he’s Down Down, he is… Consequences Creed!”


“Nothing more European than nepotism. So good luck everyone, especially you Creed… because if I remember correctly you wrestled Samoa Joe last week and things didn’t exactly go your way.”

Then he just laughs, drops his mic and saunters off.

On the way out, Paige’s music hits. The former Universal Women’s Champion swans out with her manager, Jake Roberts, and they give Lethal a nod which is both polite and aggressive.

unnamed (1)

Jake wastes no time getting on mic himself, introducing his client Paige and explaining that last week Bayley made a terrible mistake. She got in the way of his client’s wishes. She wished that Bayley would go away, but Bayley had help from the Heavyweight House of Pain my ass Stixx and she temporarily ducked her fate, but luck is a finite resource Bayley, and your reserves are running low.

unnamed (2)

Paige takes the mic, apparently impatient, “Get out here sweetheart, so I can get rid of you myself!”

It’s your daughter’s favourite wrestler, apart from Roman Reigns… it’s Bayley!

image (1)

She looks pretty annoyed considering Paige and Big E tried to kidnap her last week, but she’s dressed to fight and this match is getting underway right now!

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Paige defeated Bayley in 9:42 by submission with a Scorpion Cross Lock. Bayley got her hand on the rope but The Snake knocked it away and allowed Paige to pull Bayley back to the middle of the ring, where she tapped out.

After the match, Paige refused to release the hold. With Jake holding back to the ref, Paige cranked up the lock until Bayley was almost unconscious.

unnamed (3)

Oh shit son! Stixx pegs it to the ring, at which point Jake rolls out of it and the ref is able to separate Paige from Bayley.

Paige gets in Stixx face, slapping him a couple of times and daring him to do something. She slaps him again and again until he’s had enough, scooping her up into a military press. Paige screams her head off, Jake bellows at Stixx to put her down! So he does.

Stixx chucks Paige out of the ring and onto Jake Roberts, who manages to catch her. The Snake Agency are fucking furious as Stixx goes back to help check on Bayley.

The Briscoes attack The Big Show backstage, like lions taking down an elephant, but Show has his own lion in the form of Kofi Kingston, who helps fight the Briscoes off.

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Kofi Kingston defeated Jay Briscoe in 12:39 by pinfall with a Trouble in Paradise after Big Show knocked Mark Briscoe clean out with that closed fist punch to the face which is a completely illegal move in wrestling but never mind. This distracted Jay, allowing Kofi to kick him in the face and get the pin..

Before our Main Event Fatal 4Way, European Champion Jay Lethal comes out once again and joins Renee and Booker on commentary. He’s taking a real interest in who exactly is going to face him at Lock Down for the title. Ever since John Cena took over The Gilded two weeks ago and renamed it The Cenation, he put the members on notice. Defend your titles or get out of the way, and each member has taken that directive differently.

Lethal agrees with this, saying he respects all the members of the Cenation and their approach, but only he has taken over an entire show and had it devoted to his title. Apart from the CWC and their Cruiserweight title, which Jay says he’s sure he could win no problem.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and will determine who will go on to face Damien Sandow on Raw this week.

Introducing first…

image (2)

He is the Heavyweight House of Pain, former European Champion… Stixx!

And his opponent…

image (3)

Star of some straight to DVD nonsense and former WWE, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, The Miz!

And their opponent…

unnamed (4)

The Samoan Submission Machine, former TNA World and NXT Champion, Samoa Joe!

And their final opponent…

image (4)

Consequences… Creed!

Creed gives Lethal a sarcastic hello on his way into the ring, and Lethal puts Creeds over and his former tag partner who lived in his shadow for years.

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Consequences Creed defeated Stixx, The Miz and Samoa Joe in 11:04 when Stixx was taken out by an interfering Big E and Lethal’s attempted attack on Creed missed the mark and he hit Samoa Joe with the European Title belt, allowing Creed to get the quick roll up and the win.


Consequences Creed will be moving forward to Raw, to face Damien Sandow in the probably final match of this mad adhoc tournament for European Title Number One Contendership!

Overall… 69


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