Smackdown, February Week 2 2017

Cole – Good evening ladies and gentleman to this, the 32nd episode of Kernowverse Smackdown Live! We’re emanating to you tonight LIVE, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

JBL – What a place Cole, I love me a Wholey’s Fish Sandwich!
image (2)
Bullet Club.. F…F…F..F…For Life.
Kicking off the show. AJ Styles. Cody Rhodes. And WWE tag team champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The Bullet Club are here, and they’re in party mode.
AJ Styles – “Ladies and gentleman. WELCOME. To Smackdown Live!!!!. Or from henceforth, The Bullet Clubs Show. Ahahahah”
Too sweets all round 
Cody Rhodes “That’s right AJ. And do you know whhhhyyyyy it’s our show? It’s because in just over 2 weeks at WWE Elimination Chamber. One of your two main men here. Will be taking home The WWE Championship. It doesn’t matter which one of us does it. But One of us will. And when we do. We will be adding to a trophy cabinet already packed with history and riches.
Luke Gallows – “That’s right Cody. We’ve been all over the world. Won Championships wherever we’ve been. NJPW, ROH, TNA. Every major company in the world has felt our presence, and will continue to do so. We are many. We are united. And……
Karl Anderson – “And… Luke. We are effective. Me and you. We’re the 2 tie WWE Tag team champions. No tandem on this show holds a flame to us. We’re dominant. and it was US. Me and you Luke. Who sealed the Bullet Clubs presence at Elimination Chamber. Which leads me to ask this. Why is it. That AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes are the two men who get to enter the WWE Championship Chamber…. Why not….. US! 
unnamed (1)
As Anderson and Gallows stared at AJ and Cody, Kevin Owens and John Morrison hit the ring with microphones in hand. 
Owens – “Do you know what. Throughout my time on this planet. Neither I, or my esteemed compatriot here, have never come face to face with this Bullet Club that you’re part of. I mean. The amount of time I here people banging on about you guys. You’d think you were gods gift to the wrestling world. But you’re not are you? I mean. Cody. You lost your singles title that your brought to the WWE. In your first PPV match! AJ. You lost in the CWC final. And Gallows and Anderson. You two dropped your titles briefly to a 7 foot idiot. And his 3 foot imp tag-a-long nuisance. You may call yourself dominant. But we. Me and Johnny here. We’re dominant. I’ve won the US championship this year and took it to a new level while holding it. John? He’s felled Brock Lesnar. He made it to the final of the NWA World heavyweight championship tournament, AAAND became the first returning WWE Cruiserweight Champion. We. Are dominant. We. Are KO-MO. And before we enter the WWE Championship number one contender Elimination Chamber. WE. Want a shot at those tag team titles.   
image (1)
Have no dear. Good ol’ Jim Ross is here!
JR – “Gentleman gentleman. I’ve got a big announcement that I think will interest both sides of this argument. It’s a slice of little known knowledge, that next week is the 33RD episode of WWE Kernowverse Smackdown. We’ve been on air for exactly 10 months. And we’ are now on the road to Wrestlemania 33. With that in mind. I’m going to make next week. The 33rd Smackdown on the road to Wrestlemania 33, like no Smackdown before. It will be packed from top to bottom with high profile matches. One of which I would like to be a tag team title match. Anderson and Gallows. You want to be in the main event? You want the respect you deserve after winning in the main event last week? YOU GOT IT! Because you will face Kevin Owens and John Morrison! IF KO-MO pick up the win however. They will face you for the WWE Tag team champions on Smackdown 33!
unnamed (2)
After the break. The newest hopeful for Cruiserweight glory Cody Rhodes has remained in the ring. He beat The Brian Kendrick this week on Cruiserweight Central. And his next opponent is coming down the ring now!
image (3)
A Bourne Better member, still sadly let down by his drug addicted partner. Tyson Kidd is here to reinvigorate his Cruiserweight career.
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Cody Rhodes defeated Tyson Kidd in 9:12 by pinfall with a Cross Rhodes. That’s 2 wins out of 2 for Cody Rhodes’ Cruiserweight career. He makes a gun motion with his hand and to the camera to end of the segment.
A video plays showing Bray Wyatt’s Championship win at the Royal Rumble. And his celebration last week on Smackdown.
image (4)
Making his way to the ring. Austin Aries is in the house. He enters the ring and after requesting that he did an unscripted promo. He proclaims that after beating Dolph Ziggler on CWC this week (despite an ounce of distraction from Kota Ibushi), he is the rightful number one contender to the Crusierweight championship.
image (5)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Dolph Ziggler theme hits, and he comes marching to the ring, accompanied by the man who was banned from CWC this week, Jack Swagger. Dolph drops his title on the ramp and motions to Jack that they’re about to go and Kick Austins ass. Austin preps for war
unnamed (3)
But from behind. It’s Tyler Breeze! He connects with a beauty shot kick to the back of Aries’ head! Dolph and Jack enter the ring. Just as they are about to cause carnage. The team of Kota IBushi and Adrian Neville rush to make the save. Fortunately. JR is back to sort out this mess.
JR –  “Stop Stop Stpo Stop Stop. Just stop. Dolph. As the champion of the most exciting weight class in this business. I will not have the division sink to petty brawling. And with next week being the week of Smackdown 33. I’m making a main event for CWC that no-one will want to miss. Dolph ZIggler. You will defend your title in a triple threat match, against Kota Ibushi AND Austin Aries! But for tonight. As you’re all in the ring. You can warm yourselves up. with 6 man tag action! NEXT! 
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Tyler Breeze defeated Austin Aries and Kota Ibushi & Neville in 9:33 when Tyler Breeze defeated Adrian Neville by pinfall with a Fashion Driver. (Fuck the Beauty shot. The Fashion driver is a top rope aided Falcon Arrow)
Post match. JR is backstage in his office where he is met by NWA World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton. Randy says he likes the idea of Smackdown 33, and hopes that he has a significant place on the show
JR – “Well, come to think of it. Yes you will. Randy you are the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Your resume is second to literally none, and I tihnk your first title defence, should happen here. On WWE Smackdown. So next week. You will open the show in a championship match, against the winner of a match coming up next between two men you will face in the Elimination Chamber in a couple of weeks. Sheamus and Antonio Cesaro!”
image (6)
And here is the Swiss Superman
Before the bout. Cesaro asks for a microphone. 
Cesaro – “Ladies and gentleman, my name is Antonio Cesaro…….”
(Cesaro is then cut off by merciless chanting of his name as he was voted best wrestler on the planet 2016!)
“In two weeks at the elimination chamber. I am booking my spot at Wrestlemania. And not in just any match. But in the main event. I. Will finally be. WWE. CHAMPION. And tonight. Well. You just watch me. Because you’re in for a treat”
unnamed (4)


In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat…

Randy Orton came down to ringside part way through the match to scout his potential challangers for Smackdown 33. Sheamus bumps into Orton outside the ring while the fighting spills…..
Later on, Cesaro swings Sheamus silly, and goes to the turnbuckle to soak in the adoration of the crowd…..
He gets down and sets Sheamus up for the Neutralizer, but he counters! Orton at this point has jumped  the ringside to shout at Sheamus after their earlier interaction.Sheamus regains his footing, and pushes Cesaro inot the ring ropes. Knocking off Orton. Cesaro stumbles. BROGUE KICK! Right to the side of the head!
Massive victory for Sheamus. The man has been on a role as of late!
Sheamus defeated Antonio Cesaro in 11:18 by pinfall with a Brogue Kick. During the match we also had Randy Orton accidentally hit Cesaro. (79)
The cameras remain focused on the ring, where Randy Orton and Sheamus engage in a tension-filled staredown. Neither give ground. Eventually both men leave the arena leaving just Cesaro in the ring. He is met with cheers from all corners of the audience. But he is cutting a inconsolable look. He’s gutted. He’s angry. He’s everything negative….
image (7)
And this is likely not going to help the situation…………
The Beast. Brock Lesnar is here! He F5’d Cesaro last week on Smackdown after earning his spot in a tag team match against KO-MO. And he’s walking down to the ring again now. Cesaro painfully gets up from his knees. He’s exhausted after his match, but he’s got some fight left in him..
And the fight is gone.
Lesnar is booed. I get stick by the IWC for apparently burying Cesaro. And we move on to the next segment. Camera fades out from an unconscious Swiss Superman.
Backstage again. And JR has called Baron Corbin into his office. After his defeat to Sheamus last week, Corbin hit the referee with the End of Days. An action that JR has not taken lightly.
JR – “Look. Baron. I know that…..”
Corbin – “NO. JIM. YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. I should be in the number one contender elimination chamber. And until I get another shot at entering it. I will not guarantee the safety of anyone on this show.”
Corbin stares down at JR menacingly………
JR – “look, do you want a match? if you want a match. You’ve got one! tonight. Next in fact. go to the ring. And I’ll send you out an opponent. This is your stage Baron. Just don’t be  hitting anymore non-wrestlers, yeah?
Corbin Snarls and makes his way to the ring.
unnamed (5)
He takes his place in one corner. The referee for this match is standing as far away from Baron as is duly possible…….
unnamed (6)
His opponent looks like it’s going to be another man who is down on his luck right now. THE Brian Kendrick. And he seems even more hesitant than the referee…….
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat……
Baron Corbin defeated Brian Kendrick in 8:55 by pinfall with an End of Days.
Corbin has picked up a big win here tonight. But it’s fairly obvious he’s not finished making a statement. The officials have scattered after last week. They want no part of Corbin. Corbin whips up Kendrick and hits him with a second End of Days! The crowd are shouting One more time! One more time!
Corbin takes Kendrick outside the ring and throws him straight through the barracade, into the bell ringer and ring announcers section. Kendrick is writhing in agony. Corbin strips the announce table bear. And sets up a chair on top!
JBL – “What sort of contraption is this! It could put Kendrick on the shelf for good!”
END OF DAYS. Corbin stood Kendrick up on the announce table. Slung him up for the End of Days, and brought him crashing down. The table broke underneath both of them. And Kendrick has been sparked out completely after whacking his face off the chair on the way down.
Corbin gets up. He looks like he’s ready to deal out even more damage, if that’s even possible. EMT’s have arrived to tend to Kendrick..
unnamed (7)
image (9)
United States Champion Sting has arrived! Corbin is stunned!
His mere presence is enough for Corbin to stop what he’s doing. He backs off throughout the crowd… As Sting points at him.
JBL – “If Kendrick were conscious, he’d thank Sting right now”.
unnamed (8)
And just in case you forgot who really runs the show around here. WWE CHAMPION BRAY WYATT. HAS ARRIVED. In tow with Erick Rowen and his apostle Dean Ambrose, who for the first time seemed to have a crisis of character last week. Nearly teaming up with his former Shield brethrin to delivery a Triple power bomb to Cody Rhodes in the main event.
Bray – “Welcome. To my world. My world is not like your world, oh no no no no. My world was dark. No-one understands how dark it was. Only my brothers here have set foot into that darkness. But now. now the darkness has gone, and we are in the light!”
Bray holds up the WWE Championship…..
Bray – “This. This is the bringer of light. The Wyatt Family has been lead out of the darkness and into the sunshine. And this sunshine will last for eons to come.”
Bray turns to face Dean and Erick
Bray – “My brothers. Pretenders are mounting all around us. We have our crown, but we will be STABBED, in the back, at the first opportunity. Now is the time to be vigilant my brothers. Now, now is the time to remember where you allegiances truly lie…….”
Bray stares right into Dean Ambroses soul. Dean looks back at him. Pumps out his shoulders. He’s less vacant in persona than he has been recently…. Before anything else can go down though….
unnamed (9)
unnamed (13)
Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins appear in the crowd to a pop and a half. They make their characteristically Shield like methodical approach to the ring. The Wyatts have an extra man though, and the high ground. Before Anything goes down. ONCE AGAIN, JR is on hand to interrupt proceedings. 
JR – “top stop stop stop stop. Not here. Not tonight. Smackdown 33 would not be Smackdown 33 without The Shield. Smackdown 33 would not be Smackdown 33 without the Nu Wyatts. SO next week. In the main event. Seth Rollins of the reformed Shield. Will get his WWE championship rematch against Bray Wyatt. BUT. As the worst case scenario here is that Rollins has to wait to have a second attempt in The Elimination Chamber. I’m going to add an unknown into the factor. Bray Wyatt. You said now was the time to remember where your true allegiances lie. I agree. So. Your Apostle, Dean Ambrose. Should make a fantastic. SPECIAL. GUEST. REFEREE. In that match.
Both sides don’t know how to react. They both have reasons to be confident going into next week. Bray Wyatt goes to his knees and we fade to black. RUN
After the break. AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes are seen backstage watching a replay of what just went down in the ring. AJ Styles looks at Cody
Styles – “WWE Championship match next week then huh? Dean Ambrose as special guest referee? Dude. We’ve got a free pass! I guess It would be rude not to bring The Club to the party wouldn’t it?”
Too sweets are had and it’s time for the……….
Cole – “Main Event time Ladies and Gentleman. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have had their request granted. They are the main event tonight. They take on Kevin Owens and John Morrison. KOMO. In a match that has title match consequences! and it’s next!
“Making their way to the ring. Representing The Bullet Club, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions. Luke Gallows And Karl Annnnnnnnderson.”
Cole – “The Unlikely team Of Kevin Owens and John Morrison, have talked their way into the chance of a lifetime tonight”
JBL – “Yes they have. And don’t get me wrong. THey’re fantastic singles wrestlers. Bt they’re taking on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.They know tag wrestling like the back of their hand. They are without a doubt, the underdogs in this match-up. “
In a 50/50 bout. Anderson and Gallows, as the natural tag team specialists, cut John Morrison off from Kevin Owens. Owens spent most of the match cutting a frustrated look on the side of the ring. Trying to tag himself in……
Eventually. Gallows and Anderson go for the boot of dom. Morrison slides out of the way…..
Owens is in!
Anderson is the legal man. Owens swats him away. He lifts up the bigger Luke Gallows into the fireman carry position. Samoan Driver! Gallows rolls into one corner. Anderson in the other. Cannonball train!
Owens is feeling it. Morrison gets back to the turnbuckle. Gallows has gone to fell Morrison. Morrison ducks. LOW BLOW. He kicks him square in the nuts. The low blow seems to becoming a staple of KO-MO’s offence. The referee was dealing with the two legal men. Anderson is in Owens’ clutches. Owens tags Morrison….. Morrison goes high to the top turnbuckle
Anderson is popped up……
And Morrison hits him with a famouser on the way down! Pop Up Powerbomb Famouser?!?!?! £££
unnamed (12)
In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, KO-MO defeated Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows in 14:19 when John Morrison defeated Karl Anderson by pinball with a Pop up Powerbomb – Famouser combo! (77)
Cole – “What a show, and what a show we now have next week ladies and gentleman!”
CWC Special
WWE Crusierweight Championship match
Dolph Ziggler (c) v Kota Ibushi v Austin Aries
Smackdown 33

WWE Championship match

Seth Rollins (The Shield) vs Bray Wyatt (c) (The Nu Wyatt Family) (The Apostle Dean Ambrose will be special guest referee in this match)
WWE Tag Team Championship match
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (The Bullet Club) vs KO-MO (Kevin Owens and John Morrison)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship match
Randy Orton (c) vs Sheamus.

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