CWC, Week 4 February 2017


Pre show tag mash ups

In a pre-show bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Primo and Epico defeated Lucha Dragons in 10:01 when Primo defeated Sin Cara by pinfall with a Backstabber. (55)

(nafffffffffffff. Although Kalisto was the breakout star in that match with a whopping 62 rating. Maybe it is Sin Cara holding him back all along.)

In a pre-show bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Perfect Plie defeated Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel in 9:44 when Joe Hennig defeated Heath Slater by pinfall with a Twisting Necbreaker.

image (1).png

Perfect Plie continue to pick up wins. You can only beat who’s in front of you right?


“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM-BA-BOOM! BOOM!” The show starts with an impressive opening of pyro, before the lights are raised and several sections of the excited crowd are shown waving various signs.

The focus then switches to the announce table where Tom Phillips and Corey Graves introduce and hype tonight’s show…..

Phillips – “Ladies and gentleman welcome, to Elimination Chamber week!”

image (2)

Corey = “That’s right Tom. This Sunday, CWC and Smackdown Live will pack up our stuff and pack into the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix Arizona for The Elimination Chamber PPV”.

Phillips – “And Tom, what a stacked card it’s shaping out to be. Two massive Elimination Chamber matches which will shape the Smackdown Wrestlemania main event scene. We have legends against new comers, and representing our own show right here on CWC. NEW Cruiserweight Champion Kota Ibushi will team up with his friend, Adrian Neville, in a no holds barred extreme rules match, against the newly dethroned Dolph Ziggler, and his associate Jack Swagger.

image (3)

Corey – “What do you think Tom? Can Kota and Neville step up to the plate, and beat the exiled Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger at their own game?”

Tom – “I don’t know Corey, but we will get an insight into the mind of our new champion Kota Ibushi, when he arrives to the show, later tonight”.

unnamed (10)

Corey – “But kicking off the show, It’s the greatest man who ever lived Tom! A double!”


Tom – “And after last weeks defeat in that classic of a triple threat main event, and then a brutal assault inflicted to him at the hands of Tyler Breeze on Smackdown, I can’t imagine he’s happy”

Aries – “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the greatest show that ever did air on television. CWC!!!!!!!…………….. A show made so great, only, through the continued efforts of yours truly. A double. The greatest man on the greatest show. Austin Aries.

“Now unfortunately, there are some who see my greatness, and inevitable rise to the top of this division as a threat. I mean, last week in the main event for the Cruiserweight championship, it took long time rivals Dolph and Kota to hit me with TANDEM superkicks, to put me down. Yeah, thats right. TWO SUPERKICKS, at the same time! Then just one night later…. Tyler Breeze. With his stupid name and stupid selfie stick, decided to hit me, and beat me down, mid interview. Tyler. I don’t care how gorgeous you are… Because when you are faced with greatness…..


Corey – “And here is the gorgeous one”.

Breeze – “Austin Austin Austin…. This brand, This new, exciting, exhilarating show. Deserves a figurehead that doesn’t harp on about being things that can’t be measured. As of right now. You have won nothing in this company. Whereas I.. am indisputably.. Gorgeous… So smile Asutin, As I’m about to end your run here on CWC before it’s even begun.

Ding ding ding

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat…..

The greatest man that ever lived and the most gorgeous man that ever lived went tit-for-tat throughout the duration of this match, but the pendulum swang to the side of the more inexperienced Tyler Breeze after Aries managed to unveil the top turnbuckle. He motioned that he was going to “mess up” Tyler’s pretty face. But the referee caught wind of what was going on and took it upon himself to replace the pad. During the distraction, Tyler took advantage and hit the beauty shot kick, before sizing up the Fashion Driver for the 1-2-3.

Tyler Breeze defeated Austin Aries in 10:19 by pinfall after hitting the Fashion Driver.

unnamed (1)

Backstage, A figure wearing a black hoody is spotted attempting to get in through a fire exit. He attempts to get in through the door, but is met by three bodyguards patrolling the area. They grab the black clad man and pull down the hood…

unnamed (2)

It’s Dolph Ziggler!

The guards tell Dolph they have strict instructions to not let Dolph or Jack Swagger into the arena tonight. Dolph holds his hands up and says that he’s been caught. Fair cop. He’s happy to be escorted off the premises….

The guards do just that, they escort Dolph into the parking lot. Just as they are about to let Dolph on his way, Jack Swagger appears from behind the three men and takes them out by surprise. Dolph gets some quick jabs in as well, and the three guards are left on the ground. Dolph and Jack crack a smile, and Swagger (pun intended), into the now unguarded fire exit……

image (2)

Backstage, Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles are shown having a chat…

AJ – “Look Cody, We work well together. Look at us. We’re too of the hottest stars on the planet right now. We left our enemies battered and bruised to end Smackdown last week. And at Elimination Chamber, we cement our names into history. We earn the Bullet Club it’s biggest ever win, and set ourselves up for the rest of our lives. BUT. We’ve got to be one the same page man. Last week. You used me as a shield and as a battering ram to beat Rich Swann. Now I’ve got no problem with that. I’m happy to help. But you need to tell me it’s coming man.

Rhodes – “I know AJ, I know. Look, it won’t happen again. When we’re on the same page, no-one can keep up with us. And during my match with Tyson Kidd next up, I know you’re going to have my back.”

AJ – “That’s right man, you’re going 4 and 0 in this division after tonight. And i’m going to personally assure you, that that fact, is guaranteed.

In a bout that Cody Rhodes tried to smile and jive his way through…

Rhodes went for Cross Rhodes in a match that he largely dominated. Tyson countered and drop kicked Cody into the ring ropes. Cody hits hard and the ref goes to check on Cody. AJ Styles climbs the ring apron, and flies through the air, aiming to hit the phenomenal forearm. At the same time, Cody swats the referee away from him and goes for Tyson. Tyson ducks the forearm attempt, and AJ just holds himself back before he hits Cody.

Corey –  “Mis communication again from the Bullet Club duo!”

Cody pushes AJ out of the ring, swings for Tyson, who counters into Code Blue!


Cody has lost on CWC!

And it’s yet anther instance of AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes not quite being on the same page.

Tyson Kidd defeated Cody Rhodes in 10:59 by pinfall following botched interference by AJ Styles.

unnamed (5)

That’s one happy man.

A video airs hyping the Elimination chamber no holds barred extreme rules tag team match at Elimination Chamber between Kota Ibushi, Adrian Neville, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger.

image (4)

Corey – “It’s time Tom, Our new Cruiser weight champion has arrived!

Kota arrives to a standing ovation, and takes hold of the microphone

“Hewwwwwwwwooooooooooooo C Duble wu C!”

(I can’t carry that on)

“I. Am Pwoud, to be your, Cwuserweight champion. Dolph Ziggerwer was a terrible champion, one who always looked to avoid a fight, whereas I. I want to fight. On my first night here, as champion. Give me an opponent. ANYONE. LETS GOOOOOOOOOO!”


unnamed (6)

Tom – “It’s Kotas friend and tag team partner. Adrian Neville!

unnamed (7)

Kota smiles as Neville walks down the ring. The men embrace in the ring and the referee is handed the new, purple Cruiserweight championship belt.



In a decent match, Adrian Neville and Kota Ibushi jostled for around 3 minutes… until………

unnamed (8)

These two thorns in the side appear on the tron, walking out of the locker room and towards the open fire exit door in which they arrived….

Dolph – “Kota. Adrian. Sorry to stop your much anticipated, friendship inspired title match. But Dolph and Jacky have arrived….. And in readiness for our match this Sunday, we thought we would help you out with some of your belongings. I mean… Your luggage, wallets, phones, passports, they all have to be rather heavy right?

Both men walk out of the door, Jack Swagger has what appears to be Kota Ibushi and Adrian Nevilles’ belongings in hand…

Dolph – “Well. How about me and Jack take these for you! Or better yet, look at this lovely lake. Shall we wash their belongings Jack? Their passports look awfully dirty….”

Kota and Neville look at each other in the ring, then proceed to chase down the thieves.. The referee counts to 10 and this championship match is called a double count out after 3 minutes….

The men sprint backstage and out of the door. They head to the lake at the foot of the car park, only to be blindsided by Dolph and Swagger, who are both wielding lead pipes.

unnamed (9)

Corey – “This is disgusting Tom. You know I was sad about Dolph ZIggler not being able to appear on this show anymore, but the person he has become with Jack Swagger at his side, It’s just shocking.”

Kota and Adrian get wailed on in the car park. Over and over again the blows hit the prone superstars. Eventually Dolph signals jack to pick up Adrian Neville into the gutwrench position….

Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the muddy riverbank for Neville!

The cameras pan to Dolph Ziggler, who is currently holding Kota Ibushi’s wallet and passport. He drops the items onto the martyr of the Cruiserweight division…

Dolph – “See you at the Elimination Chamber…. Champ.”

Overall Grade… 66


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