Power Hour, February Week 4



Renee Young – Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to The Power Hour! Hot off the back of Raw’s Lock Down PPV, I’m Renee Young joined on commentary by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. How’s it going Book?
Booker T – Renee, I am pumped after last night! Huge show, huge implications for the brand. Where the hell is The Undertaker?


Renee Young – We might get an answer to that here tonight if… oh no, wait… here’s Jay Lethal.


image (27).png


The European Champion looks pretty pleased with himself, getting on the mic in the middle of the ring after polishing up his title belt.


Jay – “Friends, Romans, Seths, Deans. Everybody… welcome to my show. This is The Power Hour and I am your Power Hour Locker Room leader and STILL WWE European Champion Jay Lethal! Now last night my old friend Consequences Creed faced me for this title, and he didn’t win and that’s a shame for him. I had to take him out for show disrespect, which puts me in a difficult position. You see I don’t have a challenger anymore! Again! So I guess by God it’s time for another EXCITING Jay Lethal European Title Invitational Tournam…


image (1)


Booker T – Damn!


Renee Young – Samoa Joe is here and he does not look excited.


Lethal backs off to the ropes as Joe gets in. He looks very angry.


Joe – “No.”


Lethal stares at him for a second… “No what?”


Joe – “No! No tournament. No brackets. Give me a title shot!”


Lethal smiles, shaking his head. “Now hold on Joe. You may not have been told this, but Power Hour is my show now, and I make the rules and I make the matches. You can’t just come up to me and demand a shot. I got champions rights brother, and you gotta EARN a place in the ring against me.”


Joe looks less than pleased about that. He advances on Jay, who gets out of the ring quick sharp.


Jay – “hold on hold on! Damn! What are you getting so hot about? I said you got to earn a place, and I’m happy to oblige you with a chance. You wanna get to me? You need to go through the last person who tried to take this belt. Tonight, how about you face Consequences Creed?”


Joe seems alright with it, so Jay scoots around the ring and makes a fast exit.


Renee Young – Well there you have it. Samoa Joe will face Consequences Creed in tonight’s Main Event on Power Hour, for apparently a shot at the European title! But first it’s a Lock Down rematch of sorts. The Ascension will take on the newly reformed Usos in tag action… next!



In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, The Ascension crushed The Usos in 10:11 when Konnor defeated Jimmy Uso by pinfall after a botched superkick attempt caught Jimmy up in the Fall of Man!
(Jimmy Uso was once again noticeably drunk during this match, which more than likely lead to the botched finish.)


image (30)


The Universal Tag Team Champions, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, are having a steam backstage. There’s a spa in this arena apparently.


Bobby – The stress just melts off you doesn’t it?


Kyle – I suppose it would, if I had anything to be stressed about. We just beat The Dudleyz last night! That’s huge!


Bobby – I wish you’d read your texts, because what’s huge is the amount of stress I feel and the amount you’re about to feel when I tell you that what’s huge is the frigging Big Show, who’s the number one contender for our tag titles with Kofi frigging Kingston!


Kyle – I did not realise that. When did this happen?


Bobby – Last night! It happened on the Lock Down preshow!


Kyle – Oh ok. I don’t watch the preshow, so…


Bobby – Well now you don’t have to because you can watch one of them jump off the other live and in person when they come for their title shot.


Kyle – I’m not too worried about it. They’ll probably land on you anyway.


Bobby – Read your texts next time. Come on!



In a decent match, Naomi defeated Bayley in 9:04 by pinfall with a quick roll up after a fan threw a drink at Bayley from ringside, who turned out to be Paige!


A video airs showing the result of last night’s Hell in a Cell match between Kane and The Undertaker, with Kane unmasking before staring his brother in the eyes and chokeslamming him through the cell roof.


image (4)


Renee Young – And now it’s our Main Event, as per Jay Lethal’s booking, Samoa Joe will take on Consequences Creed for a shot at the European Title!


Booker T – Here he comes again. The EU Champion Jay Lethal is fixing to join us on commentary.


Renee Young – Again. Great.


Jay Lethal – It is great, thanks Lillian.


Renee Young – I’m Renee.


Jay Lethal – Doesn’t matter who. Hey Book, how you doing?


In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Samoa Joe defeated Consequences Creed. Creed’s head was bandaged from the post-match attack Jay Lethal put on his last night, but he put up a decent fight against Joe. Unfortunately the Samoan Wrestling Machine was too much for him and Joe tapped him out with a Coquina Clutch.


image (33)


After the match, Lethal runs into the ring looking to twat Joe with his belt, but Joe feels it coming and ducks, snatching the title away and hitting Lethal with a Muscle Buster!!


He picks up the belt and holds it in the air, declaring his intentions pretty clearly.



Overall… 66

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