WWE Elimination Chamber 2017

“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM-BA-BOOM! BOOM!” The show starts with an impressive opening of pyro, before the lights are raised and several sections of the excited crowd are shown waving various signs. The focus then switches to the announce table where Michael Cole and JBL introduce and hype tonight’s show.

Cole – “Ladies and gentleman welcome to Smackdown’s last stop on the road to Wrestle mania… THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER.”
JBL – “It’s a pleasure to be here Michael, how I have not been fired yet is beyond me. So let’s just enjoy each moment like it’s our last eh? The mysterious guy who books our show could replace me at any time!”
Cole – “That’s true JBL. So lets get stuck in. And what a way we have to kick off the show for you folks…


Cole – “The WWE Championship Elimination Chamber..”

A video plays hyping Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. The video predominantly focuses on WWE Champion Bray Wyatt and his Apostle Dean Ambrose.
JBL – “What frame of mind is he going to be in? Loyal servant or rogue warrior…. “
And first to the ring. Bray Wyatt… He walks to the ring with his usual sly smile. He clutches his belt around his waist…. and is placed into the first pod…
Second into the ring.. The Phenomenal. AJ Styles. He squares up to Bray Wyatt’s Pod. As if to show him that The Bullet Club are certainly not an after thought in this match…
Third. It’s Roman Reigns. The Shields heavy. He coolly takes up his position, in what is his first elimination chamber.
And the last man to go into a pod….. Seth Rollins…
That means the two men who are kicking off this match are now known.
image (1)
The Bullet Clubs Cody Rhodes….

image (2)

And Dean Ambrose. Affiliation…. God knows.
Cole – “Look at Dean. In over a decade of calling matches, I have never been less sure about how one man is going to show up.”
JBL – “Dean Ambrose is a total wildcard in this match, and the only thing I know s that I’m glad I’m not Cody Rhodes…
Ding ding ding….
The match begins. Dean Ambrose spent his time before the bell was rang, stood in front of his masters pod.. Cody at the polar opposite end of the ring, next to the pod of AJ Styles…Out of nowhere, Dean fucking pegs it over to Cody like a man possessed. Cody has just enough time to hightail it out of the way, and he spends the next minute just avoiding the lunatic apostle… He even goes as far as trying to mount AJ Styles’ pod to keep out of reach. Eventually Cody is in the ring as Ambrose chases him through the ropes…..
Cody takes advantage and drops Ambrose. He has to mount him and punch repeatedly to keep him down. Not a single wrestling move has been hit yet. But Cody is doing a good job of keeping Ambrose on his back. He takes a moment to cheer towards the crowd.. Before diverting his attention back to Ambrose. Ambrose is crawling back towards his masters pod, as Cody laughs and stalks him down. He slaps the broken man on the back of the head, and sets up Cross Rhodes… But Ambrose counters. DIRTY DEEDS!
on the stroke of the Klaxon. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1….
image (3)
And It’s Bray Wyatt to enter the Chamber of nightmares!
Dean Ambrose presents the unconscious body of Cody Rhodes to his master, as a tribute almost. He kneels behind his gift with his arms outstretched. Bray smiles and congratulates his apostle, cradling his head in his hands….
With one sweet kiss on the head. The unspeakable happens
image (4)
JBL – “What the hell??!?!? Bray Wyatt has turned his back on his own creation!””
Cole – “And you have to wonder. Has Bray stricken first. Dean has not exactly been unwavering in his commitment towards him. Did Bray take out Dean out as a precaution?
The crowd are in shock and in the aftermath, Cody has crawled to the corner. Dean Ambrose is coming around and his face says it all. He is livid. Bray has retreated to a safe distance and an army of officials have been sent to pull Dean from the ring. And pull they do. It takes 5 guys to get him out, and Dean fights the whole way. Eventually, he’s out……
Cody gets back into the ring as Bray waves goodbye to Dean through the chains.. Bad idea. Dean in a feat of strength only scripted entertainment can feign, knocks over all 5 officials, and steals the key from the lead officials pocket! Dean Ambrose is trying to get back into the cell. He unlocks the chain and gets in, but immediately gets knocked down by Bray Wyatt. Bray takes the key and locks himself out of the Cell.
JBL – “It’s no DQ folks, Bray can do what the heck he wants!”
Cody Rhodes has wanted no part of the mess that has unfolded in front of him. But as Bray Wyatt locks himself out of the cell, he steamrolls over and knocks Ambrose to the ground. Deans former buddies, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have tried to keep their cool throughout this bout, but their both chomping at the bit to get in their now… And they may not have to wait long..
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
unnamed (2)
But they’re going to have wait a bit longer….
In a bizarre twist of fate, of the three legal men in this match, one is locked out of the cell safe and sound, laughing at his puppets in the cell. And the other two represent the same faction, and are now presented with a peculiar issue. What to do for 5 minutes?
Well what do you think they do.. Ambrose gets to his feet to see the situation that has unfolded in front of him. He throws the first punch, but the numbers game quickly takes hold. Ambrose is systematically decimated. Both men grind Deans face on the the chains, busting the guy open. Cody holds him up as AJ hits the Pele kick and the phenomenal combination, before Cody turns him inside out with Cross Rhodes. Reigns and Rollins are itching at the bit to help their former comrade, while Bray laughs hysterically outside the ring. Cody holds Dean down as Aj hits the 450, not that Ambrose was going anywhere. Cody then climbs to the top of Roman Reigns’ pod, Big Elbow! to the heart of Dean Ambrose. As we approach the countdown. Deans blooded face is rubbed against Roman Reigns cell… Rubbing in the fall of Dean Ambrose even more..
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
unnamed (3)
Seth Rollins is in!
Rollins steam rolls over towards Romans pod! He ducks Cody and drop kicks AJ Straight into the pod door. He turns, Cody has rebounded off the ropes in an attempt to hit the beautiful disaster kick, but Rollins ducks. Cody hits AJ bang in the chops! He bends over to help up is colleague, but has put himself in the perfect position for. CURB STOMP. Into the chained floor!
Seth drags Cody into the ring. 1…2….3.
Bray Wyatt looks a tad more concerned at ring side. AJ Styles is on his feet. Dean Ambrose is still a bloodied mess on the floor but EMT’s can’t get to him as for some reason there’s only one bloody key. Rollins turns around and ducks the phenomenal forearm. Falcons Arrow! Seth Rollins is going up high!!!!!!
Cody Rhodes grabs Rollins’ foot before he can attempt the Phoenix Splash. He shakes him off and goes for it. BUT STYLES COUNTERS THE PHOENIX SPLASH. STYLES CLASH! (ala Kota Ibushi)
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…
image (5)
The final entrant. The big dog himself. Roman Reigns. Roman gets in and attempts to hit Styles with a spear straight off. AJ leapfrogs over Reigns. He whacks him on his shoulders and hits Reigns with a Samoan Drop. He turns and laughs…
Bray Wyatt had let himself back into the cage! We’re down to just 2 Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt as legal men!
EMT’s have now run in to see to Ambrose. They whack him on a stretcher, as Rhodes also gets carted out. Rollins checks on Dean’s progress, and then flips over the stretcher of Cody Rhodes, AJ gets to his feet and brawls with Rollins as they exit the chamber. Rollins ends up getting bested, and AJ styles flips over Dean Ambroses’ stretcher as payback. Roman Reigns has had to divert his attention from Bray Wyatt to sling AJ Styles out of the chamber and onto his ass. To his own peril though. He turns and Bray Wyatt has managed to slink up behind him. He hits the Urinagi on the outside, straight onto the steel floor. he follows it up with a quick senton, before SISTER ABIGAIL connects. He rolls Reigns into the ring.
It’s over.
image (6)
Cole – “Bray Wyatt has retained the WWE Championship, in an Elimination Chamber match like none we have ever seen before”.
JBL – “I’m in no doubt that what transpired here this evening between the members of The Bullet Club and The Shield has cost each man their chance at headlining Wrestlemania as WWE Champion. Bray Wyatt threw this match on it’s head early on, and stayed one step ahead of everyone else. Great in ring psychology. And a great WWE Champion.”
Cole – “He pushed a knife into the back of a man he has tortured for months here tonight John. Then hid outside of the cell for half the match. If that’s a “great” champ, then I’d hate to see your idea of a bad one”.
image (7)
After we get an advert of the new Star Wars movie. We’re reminded that Bray Wyatt has retained his WWE Championship, and we’re straight back into the action.
A video plays hyping our next bout ‘The greatest man that ever lived’ Austin Aries vs. ‘The most gorgeous man who ever lived’, Tyler Breeze. In a match that will look to define the Cruiserweight Divisions next step.
In a match up that not only gives the Cruiserweights TIME. A very valuable thing to give (Vince), but both men truly demonstrated that they belong on a main show PPV. Austin Aries stood out. He may be witty on the mic, but the moment the bell rang he was out of the gates vicious. His demeanour changes once that bell is rang, and he remained in control of the match until Tyler Breeze used his quickness to duck under the ring ropes as Aries threw himself at him. Aries took an ugly looking bump as he fell to the outside after that, leaving Breeze in control…
Breeze, who picked up the win over Aries on CWC this week, hit multiple strikes and the Beauty shot kick to nearly score the fall. But Aries is resilient. Breeze aims to hit the Fashion Driver, but as Aries’ stomach goes to hit the top rope, Aries manages to release himself from Breeze’s grasp, landing on the other side of the ring ropes. Aries Springboards himself into the ring like Shelton Benjamin, hitting the Springboard Bulldog. Aries refuses to let go of Breeze’s head after impact though. Instead he flips himself over…
unnamed (4)
Cole – “Aries gets the submission finish! Breeze has no option but to tap out”
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Austin Aries defeated Tyler Breeze in 11:43 by submission with a Last Chancery.
Cole – “Austin Aries feels pretty chuffed with his win. He’s stopped the rot with this victory here tonight and he’s off to grab the mic”.
Aries – “Ladies and gentleman. You have witnessed tonight that on the big stages, when the pressure it at it’s highest. It’s me. The greatest man who ever lived, who shows his metal. Kota Ibushi, I’m coming for your Cruiserweight Championsh….
image (8)
Cole – “It is! Hideo Itami has arrived here to Smackdown Live!”
Hideo Makes his way into the ring to find a perplexed Austin Aries stood looking at him. Austin offers for a handshake, but the crowd are roaring “GTS, GTS, GTS….”
Hideo complies…
image (9)
Cole – “And with that one devastating manoeuvre… Hideo Itami has put the entire Cruiserweight division, and the Smackdown Live locker room.. On notice”.
JBL – “And talking about the Cruiserweight Division, look at what we have up next!”
Chamber_Tag9w (1)
Ding ding ding!
Straight off the bat both tag teams pummel each other in the middle of the ring. This is not going to be the sort of wrestling match that we’re used to getting out of the Cruiserweights (and Jack). Just as Dolph and Swagger looked to get the upper hand, it was the quickness and agility of Kota and Neville that enabled them to remain on the front foot. Jack would attempt to use his All American wrestling background to hit suplex’s and powerbombs, But both Kota and Neville would flip out every time, striking back with quick blows…
It was this high octane style that lead to an inevitable pummelling however. Jack and Dolph had been knocked outside the ring, and Kota and Neville used this moment to try and hit some flying tandem offence. Just before the point of collision however, Dolph shielded himself with a trash can, causing Kota to fall in crippling pain. Neville hit Jack, but turned into a trash can shot to the head from Dolph…
Dolph and Jack controlled the match after this. They set a table up in the corner, but weirdly never got round to using it….. They wailed on their opponents with Kendo sticks and chair shots. Around ring side all four men did go, with Neville breifly creating separation by ducking a superkick attempt from Dolph, flinging him into the crowd. After this he used the ring steps to launch himself at Swags, but Swagger caught him and laid him out through the Spanish announce table. Kota then retaliates by choking Jack down to the floor….
Eventually Dolph and Kota make their way into the ring… The two men who started this rivalry. They exchange moves fluidly, but it’s Kota who gets the near fall after using his patented Phoenix-plex, right on top of a kindly placed chair. DOlphs out of it and Neville and Kota make their superior numbers count by besting Jack and slinging him into the ring. Kota signals to Adrian Neville,…
unnamed (5)
Neville obliges, he grabs two tables from under the ring, and the men set them up dead centre of the squared cirrcle, they lay their prone opponents out… and head to opposite turnbuckles. It looks like they seem to be setting up for some tandem aerial offence, akin to their joint manoeuvre on CWC this week.
Off they go! Kota with Moonsault! Neville with a Shooting Star Press!….
But both Jack and Dolph move! Kota and Neville head through the tables chest first! Both men lie in a heap of shattered wood!
JBL – “Thats why it’s called high risk Cole!
Swagger wrenches Neville up around the waist, and hauls his carcass to the table propped up in the corner. Gutwrench Powerbomb through the turnbuckle table!
unnamed (6)
Cole – “It’s over! Jack Swagger has won this match for him and Dolph, but let’s be fair. It was one daring manoeuvre that cost Kota and Neville.”
image (10)
In a bout that had decent wrestling, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger defeated Kota Ibushi & Neville in 12:20 when Jack Swagger defeated Kota Ibushi by pinfall.
In terms of in-ring work, Dolph Ziggler was head and shoulders above everyone else.
unnamed (7)
After the break, the camera focuses backstage on Kevin Owens and John Morrison backstage, readying for their elimination chamber match later tonight. Morrison says that despite all of the shenanigans that both members of KO-MO have had with Brock Lesnar over the past few weeks, The Anomaly is going to be fucking irate, and it’s going to take every single drop of KO-MO’s unlikely friendship to survive the Chamber of horrors tonight. KO tells John not to worry….
KO – “I’m the defender of friendships John. The avenger of Trust, and the one man in that ring that will have your back tonight. TOGETHER. We are strong, TOGETHER, we’re KO-MO”.
unnamed (8)
A video plays hyping our next bout. The unlikely WWE Tag Team Championship match between Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows and the underdogs of the century – Perfect Plie.
image (11)
JBL – If there is one thing Gallows and Anderson are not. It’s complacent. They don’t care they’re the favourites in this one. They’re not paid by the minute, they want to get in, then get out again.”
Cole – “But look at PP. They have absolutely nothing to lose here. No-one expects them to win, but if they do. If they just get that ounce of luck that they need, then their careers will be forever changed”.
Ding ding ding.
The crowd are strangely into Perfect Plie. Must be something to do with Fandangos constant gyrating. Despite all of the bookies predictions and the IWC’s guarantee on this match only ever going the way of Anderson and Gallows…..
unnamed (9)
The match is mad competitive. Anderson and Gallows have not taken this lightly and find themselves getting ever the more frustrated as they can’t seem to keep their opponents down. Fandango keeps dancing his way around Gallows’ big impact move attempts. Axel hasn’t even got into this match yet!
Eventually Gallows does hit the big boot. And from there he just rag dolls poor Fandango around the ring and arena. Flapjacks, boots, slaps to the chest, even last ride are hit…. Yup, a literal last ride. Poor fandango can’t create any separation….
That is until, in an almost last act of defiance, he crawls back to his feet then dances on his knees. Gallows goes to knock his head into kingdom come but Fandango forward rolls past him to dodge! A massive enzuguri is hit and Fandango is looking for the hot tag….!
TAG! Both men get the tag! Anderson and Hennig in!
image (12)
Anderson kicks out! Somehow.
Anderson is dazed. Fandango has climbed to the top rope! Henna grabs Anderson once more.
unnamed (10)
BUT GALLOWS BREAKS IT UP! He throws Fandango into orbit. and much to the angst of the referee, he punches kicks Hennigs head off.
He helps an extremely dazed Karl Anderson to his feet….
Magic Killer.
Cole – “Somehow. Somehow. Anderson and Gallows were taken to the limit here tonight. But they’ve managed to retain”
JBL – “They have a silly name Cole, but Perfect Plie may well be a future set of tag team champions based on this performance tonight.”
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows defeated Perfect Plie in 9:46 when Karl Anderson defeated Joe Hennig by pinball with after a Magic Killer. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows make defence number 2 of their WWE World Tag Team titles.
unnamed (11)
After the break. All 4 members of the Bullet Club: AJ Styles, Cody Rhodes, and retaining WWE Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are backstage. They huddle up and, with the Tag titles in the middle, dwell on what has happened tonight. Anderson says that despite AJ and Cody not bringing home the WWE Championship tonight, The Bullet Club are in a much stronger position tonight then they have ever been. They still have the tag titles, and AJ and Cody have made a martyr out of Dean Ambrose. Everyone agree, and it’s onto Wrestlemania for The Bullet Club….
That is at least until…
unnamed (12)
SETH ROLLINS. ROMAN REIGNS. Face masks n all. Dean Ambrose’s former running buddies appear and start throwing fists left and fucking right. Anderson is thrown straight over a green room table, taking all of the sandwiches and juice with him. Gallows gets hit by a titanic Spear. Cody and AJ fall over themselves and AJ feels the wrath of a Seth Rollins Curbstomp. Cody hightails it out of the room, just evading capture… Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stand tall, still seething despite a degree of retribution here tonight…
Cole – “Back to the action here tonight folks, and what a match up we have coming up next. It’s the United States Championship match. The Icon Sting, vs The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin.
A highlight video is played showing The Lone Wolf’s destruction of referees and The Brian Kendrick, all before Sting challenged the man that he see’s as someone who needs taking down a peg.
Ding ding ding.
Corbin is in the ring and he looks smug as chips. He berates Sting verbally, calling him an old man and a has-been loser. Before attempting to hit the Scorpion with a cheap shot. Sting stops his hand dead and teases the Scorpion Death lock, shitting Corbin up and causing him to rethink his strategy.
Sting has the crowd eating up every single move that he makes. He runs the first half of the show, But the youthful Baron Corbin sidesteps a big kick attempt and throws Sting into the ring post. We then get a systematic beatdown of Sting. Heavy blows after heavy blows are hit. Sting starts a mini fight back but it is fuelled with Deep six… This is starting to look like a formality…
There are multiple moments that Baron Corbin could and should go for The End of Days, but he doesn’t. He’s too cocky. He takes every possible moment to bask in the boos of the WWE Universe. Eventually he goes for his finishing manoeuvre..
image (15)
NO STING HAS COUNTERED! He’s swung himself around the back of Corbin!
image (16)
In a decent match, Sting defeated Baron Corbin in 10:22 by pinfall. Sting makes defence number 1 of his WWE United States title.
JBL – “Whenever Baron comes around, he is going to be absolutely disgusted with himself after literally throwing this match away”.
The Icon is in the middle of the ring. The United States Championship back in his possession. He waves ta-ra to the WWE Universe after another dream night for him….
“All Amerrrrrricaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
image (17)
Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger launch themselves down the ring ramp. Sting has no idea what to make of the situation and eats a super kick from Dolph. Rather than falling over, the Superkick places him into the clutches of Jack Swagger, who floors him with the Gutwrench Powerbomb.
JBL – “Dolph was certainly not happy about not finishing his match with the icon a few weeks ago, but this is absolutely inexcusable. The man is a living legend!”
Swagger signals Dolph to go up high. It looks like they’re going to hit the Independence day Doomsday DDT they’ve trailed out. Swagger gets Sting on his shoulders….
image (18)
The crowd go fucking nuts. The Undertaker is here! Synonymous with Smackdown for so many years, now plying his trade on Monday nights. We haven’t seen him since he lost his hell in a cell match to Kane last Sunday. But he’s here tonight!
Dolph leaps off the turnbuckle and aims a super kick at the face of the phenom. Sting has been dropped and Jack has attempted to place his boot at the face of the deadman as well, both men see their boots countered…..
Cole – “They’re in the clutches of The Undertaker now!”
JBL – Dolph and Jack have been repelled, but what the frick is the phenom doing here anyway?!?!?!
Sting wonders the same thing, and limps to his feet to stare down the Undertaker himself. The Undertaker smiles, and looks over his shoulder to the Wrestlemania emblem hanging above his shoulder………
image (19)
And at that ladies and gentleman, we go to some ads.
After everything that’s transpired here tonight folks, it’s easy to forget that we still have one match left… . But what a match… Who will face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania?
image (20)
image (21)
First into his pod. It’s the defender of friendships himself. Kevin Owens.
Second up. It’s the Swiss Superman. Antonio Cesaro.
In third, The Viper and NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton…
THE BEAST. Brock Lesnar. He enters the chamber to a blast of pyrotechnics, and slams on KO’s pod as he enters his…
That leaves.
image (22)
The MO in KO-MO
image (23)
And a recently revived Sheamus.
So that’s the state of play in this one. 5 minute delays before entrants. And Morrison and Sheamus to kick this one off.
Ding ding ding.
KO is in his pod cheering Morrison on. The crowd fucking love it. He calls Sheamus a silly ginger ghost. Sheamus can’t quite hear what was being muttered by goes to split up the Lovebirds…
A minute of grappling flings Morrison towards the pod of Brock Lesnar, who nearly pulls apart his pod from the inside out. Morrison flinches and gets flung by Sheamus into the steel chains. Sheamus seems to be getting off on keeping Morrison in Lesnars corner, and there is nothing John can do about it. Sheamus is on a roll right now, and the only way Morrison can create any distance is by climbing the chains…. Up up up he goes. Until he finds himself on top of Lesnars pod. Again.. This does not sit well with the beast… But his attention is taken away by the first countdown..
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
image (24)
To Lesnar’s dismay, It’s not his turn to leave the pod. It’s Antonio Cesaro!
Cesaro leaves his pod to confront Sheamus. Both men go blow to blow with each other giving Morrison the chance that he needs. He nails the diving cross body from the top, flooring both men! KO digs the move, and applauds his tag team partner from his pod. He reminds him to keep focussed. He kicks Cesaro in the chest and hits that 180 spin into a leg drop thing that he does. He then ducks an attempted Brogue Kick from Sheamus and gives us a throw back to his Miz and Morrison days, by hitting a Reality Check. He only manages to pick up 2 counts on both men however…
Cesaro composes himself enough to floor Morrison. He flings him into one turnbuckle and Sheamus into the other. We get a wild ride on the uppercut train, and just as Cesaro hits his first.. the countdown hits 10. So the audience end up couting the wrong way.
unnamed (14)
Here we go. NWA World heavyweight champion AND the most experienced individual in this match type. Randy Orton!
Sheamus stops short of swinging Morrison/Sheamus and faces Orton. Too late. RKO! Orton hits the RKO!
Randy almost eliminated Cesaro immediately on entry! Unfortunately for Randy, Cesaro is made of strong stuff.
Cesaro gets up faster than anyone ever has following an RKO, but he looks like a baby giraffe taking his first steps. Sheamus hoists him up fro White Noise. But then himself becomes a victim of Morrisons Moonlight Drive. Morrison spins and eats an RKO from Orton, but before he can hit the cover for the pin Cesaro has sprung to his feet AGAIN, and starts a-swinging. Orton goes round 15 times before Cesaro collapses. Leaving all four men down on the ground.
10… 9..8..
Cole – “What a time this would be to get into the ring, the field is decimated!”
image (25)
Here comes…. A whole bunch of pain…
KO looks like he’s just been told he’s getting a divorce. He’s beside himself. He’s yelling at Morrison to get to his feet. Morrison is stirring, but he’s in the clutches of the beast. GERMAN SUPLEX. GERMAN SUPLEX. GERMAN SUPLEX. He swats the other 3 men out to the outside, and mounts Morrison. He bludgeons the rock star into the canvas, quickly busting him open. Unfortunately, it seems that Lesnar has no intention of ending this…
F5! Morrison may be dead.
Lesnar laughs in the direction of KO. As he hoists him up on his shoulders again.
A second F5 hits with devastating effect.
KO is in the cage. He’s not stirring anymore. He’s just focussed. He’s seen his friend get Dean Ambrose’d. And he is not going to let it happen again. Cesaro is up and takes the fight to The Beast. Sheamus and Cesaro are brawling next to KO’s cage. Orton goes for an RKO on the steel surface but Sheamus swats him off into the side of KO’s pod. Sheamus tee’s it up…. BROGUE KICK! Ortons temple is cracked against the pod. AND NOT JUST THAT. The pod has imploded on one side. Orton is a mangled mess, and The Defender of Friendships Kevin Owens looks like he’s won the frickin’ lottery!
unnamed (15)
He busts his way out of the now broken pod. Orton has EMT’s rushing into tend to him. Lesnar has realised what’s going on and has squared up to Owens ready for a fight. Cesaro picks his moment to hit a massive springboard European Uppercut, stunning The Beast. Sheamus has climbed into the ring and followed up with a Brouge Kick! Leaving Kevin Owens to hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb to a dazed beast.
BROCK LESNAR HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! And after the earlier faff with escorting eliminated superstars from the chamber, a virtual army of men have arrived to escort Brock Lesnar out. Randy Orton is being stretchered out after his trip through the pod door, and has subsequently been eliminated from this match.
Kevin Owens has a measure of revenge against The Beast, but there’s still the small issue of a number one contender-ship to earn here. All three men square up in a triangle and hits the guy on their left. KO hits Cesaro. Cesaro hits Sheamus. Sheamus pummels on KO.
KO ducks a Sheamus punch and sling blades the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus rises to his feet but gets suckered in by Cesaro. NEUTRALISER! 1….2…….
Kevin throws Cesaro out to the steel area surrounding the ring. They fight their way through to KO’s broken pod. KO grabs Cesaro by the head, and blasts Cesaro not only into his pod, but through the other side! Unlike Orton, Cesaro didn’t go head first, but he’s still counting the scars he’s just earned himself though. Kevin sets him in the ring then looks back at his decimated pod… The gears in his head are turning. Cesaro is legitimately out of it and there is currently only one thing in Kevin’s mind. He climbs the steel. Up to the roof of his pod. He looks out at the WWE universe and shouts “VIVA LA RAZA”
Cole – “WAIT, Is he going for a bullfrog splash from the pod?!?!?”
image (26)
unnamed (16)
ANTONIO CESARO IS THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP. He has spent the entire year attempting to validate his place in the main event, and boy has he just done it.
And after that, nothing else needs to be said.
Just enjoy the moment.
In a superb match, Antonio Cesaro defeated John Morrison, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Brock Lesnar in a 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 – Elimination Chamber match in 39:41.
On the ramp, beneath the Tron. WWE Champion Bray Wyatt has appeared. He doesn’t confront his Wrestlemania opponent. He just applauds. See you for CWC.
image (27)

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