Power Hour, Week 1 March 2017


Renee Young – Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Power Hour! I’m Renee Young, alongside WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

unnamed (8).png

Booker T – We’re on the road to Wrestlemania Renee! And as Power Hour has become the European Championship show thanks to Jay Lethal, we could see some movement on how the EU Title will factor at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Our first match was requested by Jake Roberts, owner of The Snake Agency, on behalf of his client Paige. Apparently, Paige has some sort of point she wants to make, and she need Becky Lynch’s help.

Jake Roberts accompanies Paige to the ring, but instead of taking up a place at the apron he joins Renee and Booker on commentary.

Jake – Well well, if it isn’t Booker T. How are you my friend?

Booker – I’m good Jake, I’m good. You keeping out of trouble?

Jake – Haha. I don’t have time for trouble anymore Booker. As you can see, my client list is pretty full. Both Big E and Rusev have found their place in the Wrestlemania Intercontinental Ladder Match, and tonight my client Paige has something to say.

Renee – Should someone give a mic?

Jake – No Renee, it won’t be that kind of message.


In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Paige destroyed Becky Lynch in 3:58. The former Universal Women’s Champion showed absolutely no mercy to Becky, throwing her all over the place, chopping her in the corner and finally putting her out of her misery with the Paige Turner for the 1 2 3.

Jake – Message sent.

(Booker T and Jake Roberts have great chemistry when calling matches)

A video plays recapping the Main Event from last week’s Raw, in which Christian was forced to get into the ring with the maniac Goldust at the ordering of Paul Heyman. Christian looked to be in for a mauling, until his former tag team partner and the ECW Champion Edge interfered, spearing Goldust and allowing Christian to escape.

We return to the arena and evidently Goldust has been watching that video, sat cross legged in the middle of the ring.

Goldust – ooooooohh I did not like that. No no no no no. I enjoy pain. I seek it out. I revel in it. I need it, you might say, and taking a Spear is VERY painful, but it’s not just about taking it. It’s about GIVING IT OUT, and last week Edge robbed me of the exquisite pleasure in exacting terrible pain on another person.

unnamed (2)

I told Edge that while ever he carries the ECW TITLE… MY TITLE! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!

Goldust starts cracking himself in the face with the edge of the mic.

Goldust – He will NEVER be rid of me! NEVER! He cannot escape me, and I will not escape him or this world of nightmares until I get back my title and I can finally wake up! But no one wants to wake up alone Edge, and on Raw you’ll see that I’m the most ALARMING alarm clock YOU EVER WITNESSED!

unnamed (3)

Shit me, Nature Box!

In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, The Briscoes defeated The Ascension in 10:34 when Jay Briscoe defeated Viktor by pinfall with a Jay Driller.

In terms of in-ring work, Jay Briscoe was head and shoulders above everyone else.

(Jay 71, Mark 60, Konnor 55, Viktor 53)

unnamed (4)

Backstage, Samoa Joe is shown waiting for Jay Lethal to arrive at the arena. A car pulls into view with a driver who appears to be Jay Lethal, prompting Samoa Joe to spring his attack. He drags his target from the vehicle and starts beating the hell out of him until he realises that his victim is actually poor old Darren Young. Regardless of the mistake, Samoa Joe gives Darren Young a savat kick to the beard, sending him through a window into some empty office or other.

Renee – Dang. Samoa Joe is on the warpath for Jay Lethel here tonight.

Booker – It’s a little racist that he thought Darren Young was Jay Lethal, but I’m gonna let it slide because he just kicked a nigga through a window.

Renee – … oh look here comes Jey Uso.

The former Universal Tag Team Champion and one half of the Uso’s gets into the ring for his match, but first he asks for a microphone.

unnamed (5)

Jey – Before my match, I have something to say. This past year has been huge for my career. I was Universal Tag Team Champion with my brother Jimmy, and when he left the company I managed to retain that belt with a new partner, Edge. I joined The Gilded, the most dominant stable in professional wrestling and for a time I was flying high with giants. Not just Edge, but Bad News Barrett, Christian, Amazing Kong and the “man” on this show, Jay Lethal.

When we lost the titles, I was kicked out of The Gilded and it seemed like I got kicked back down the card at the same time. Then Jimmy came back to the WWE and I was so happy. We got the band back together and it was great to be one half of The Usos again.

But then… well then Jimmy fucked up. He’s my twin brother, and we think so much alike, but at Lock Down he embarrassed himself and me, and our family name, but coming to the arena and working drunk. He was warned, not just by Paul Heyman but by me. I told him he needed to get his shit together. But he failed me and the next night on Raw he was drunk again.

That’s not who we are. That’s not how it’s supposed to go. You know Uso mean Brother. It’s not my last name, it’s a statement. We were Usos. Brothers. But now he’s gone again and I’m ashamed to call myself Uso. I may have his face, but I am not my brother. I came to the WWE to carry on the legacy of my family name. A legacy started by the great Yokozuna, carried on by the Wild Samoans, by Umaga and Rosey God rest their souls, and by my cousin Roman Reigns. So once again I’m by myself. There are no more Usos. My name is Jey Fatu, and I’m the good brother.

In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, The Good Brother Jey Fatu defeated Brian Freeman in 8:06 by pinfall with his new finisher, a Rikishi Driver.
(Jey 61, Brian 44)

Commercial for Wrestlemania plays, hyping the confirmed matches of John Cena v Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight title, the Intercontinental Ladder match, and Bray Wyatt v Antonio Cesaro for the WWE Title.

Card Mania WWE Title

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Consequences Creed defeated Zack Ryder in 12:43 by pinfall with a Truth or Consequences.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring, and Creed sensibly retreats to the commentary table.

image (2)

Creed – Yeah, no thanks.

Booker – Good call brother.

Samoa Joe – LETHAL! If you’re here then get the hell out here you COWARD and face me! I want my shot at the European Title! The shot I deserve! Last week I destroyed Creed and this week I destroyed Darren Young, but the person I really want to get my hands on and ELIMINATE is you Lethal! You owe me a shot and I want it! I am the future of this show and I am the future European Champion!

Renee – Well speaking of, here comes the former European Champion!

unnamed (6)

Creed – The House of Pain himself.

Stixx makes his way to the ring, completely unafraid of getting into it with Joe. The two big men get face to face, nose to nose, and growl at each other. Joe wants to know what the fuck Stixx is doing out here!

Stixx grabs Joe in a bear hug and drops him with a belly to belly suplex.

Booker – He just picked up Samoa Joe like he was a sack of loose apples!

Creed – I am very glad I got out of the ring.

Joe is shocked, and rolls out of the ring himself, cursing Stixx as he goes.

unnamed (7)

Stixx – What am I doing here? Well the European Title you seem to think you’re entitled to? I want it back!

Renee – Well well! Stixx has made his intentions very clear! Looks like Jay Lethal has done exactly what he set out to. He’s got a bunch of competition now.

Overall Grade… 67


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