CWC, Week 1 March 2017


Tom Phillips – “Ladies and Gentleman, welcome, as the road to Wrestlemania continues. It’s Cruiserweight hour!”
Corey Graves – “That’s right Tom. And with only three more weeks after this one to go until the big day, then GM Jim Ross has stacked this week with pivotal matches. Who’s going to be going to Wrestlemania? No-one knows yet!!
unnamed.pngunnamed (1)
Out to the ring comes this adorable sack of genius.
Graves – “Possibly the most naturally gifted performer we have in this company, let alone on CWC. Cruiserweight Champion Kota ibushi is here!”
Phillips – “And despite teaming with Adrian Neville and taking former Cruiserweight champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger to the limit at The Elimination Chamber, he is returning home on the back of a sizeable defeat.. He can’t be happy about that.”
Before Kota can even say a word….
unnamed (2)
Austin Aries arrives on the scene with a mic in hand…
Aries – “Kota. Don’t. Say. A. Word…… Because A double is here to talk so you don’t have to. Firstly, well done last night. You really showed heart and the fierceness that you expect from someone with a lineage such as yours. Come on ladies and gentleman. Give the man a round of applause….
WWE Universe applauds….
Aries – “But. You lost. And I was the only other Cruiserweight that won. Do you know what that means Kota. Do you know what that means WWE Universe? Do you know what that means JR? It means AUSTIN ARIES IS GOING TO WRESLTEMA………
unnamed (3)
Boo says the WWE Universe.
Aries – “No no no no no. You lost Tyler. You were tapping so hard that you nearly pressed through the ring.”
Breeze – “I may have lost to you last Night Austin. But we’re tied on wins overall. Factor in that I still look a million bucks whereas you look like a buck 50. That means I’m going to WRESTLEMAN….
unnamed (4)
Aries – No no no no no. Have a match for Pete sake. You can’t swan up, knee a man in the side of the head and go to Wrestlemania. That’s assault.
unnamed (6)
Austin – “…….”
The ring has very quickly become stacked with viable contenders…. Fortunately there is one man who can sort out this issue. And he arrives on the scene just in time.
unnamed (7)

JR – “Firstly, let me just stand back and take in this sight. Standing in front of me are some of the best in ring performers. IN THE WORLD. And yes, I guess you do all have you’re own reasons as to why you think you should fight for the Cruiserweight Championship at Wrestlemania. BUT. Only one of you can. The Cruiserweight Chmpaionship match will not be a fatal four way. It will not be a triple threat. It will be a singles match, pitting Kota Ibushi against the winner of tonights main event. Adrian Neville, you were denied your title match last week by Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, so you will compete. Austin Aries. Last night you proved that you could be the future of this division, so you will compete. And Hideo Itami. Your track record all over he world is incredible, and I feel like you deserve an opportunity to show us all that you belong here. So tonights main event is a triple therat match. Adrian Neville v Austin Aries v Hideo Itami. The winner goes to Wrestlemania.
Tyler Breeze – “Uuuuuhhh. JR? I think you’re forgetting someone?”
JR – “No Tyler, I have not. You lost last night. And putting you in that match-up after coming off a defeat renders the entire point of your match on Sunday pointless. So you need to show me what you’re made of, if you want to be even considered for a WrestleMania berth. But don’t worry. You have an opponent tonight.. And your match is next!
unnamed (8)
Corey – “It’s Kalisto! And he has a new look. New entrance music, and no Sin Cara. He’s been off screen for a while but it looks like he’s reinvented himself and wants to make a name for himself here on CWC!”
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Tyler Breeze spent the beginning of the match stewing and complaining to the referee that he wasn’t in the main event tonight. Unfortunately for him, nor the referee or Kalisto gave a shit. Kalisto was right out of the blocks and nailed Breeze with a flurry of offence. Breeze got back into it and went for that rope aided Fashion Driver that he’s been using all so effectively recently, but Kalisto expertly rebounded off the ropes and countered the move into Solina Del Sol.
Kalisto defeated Tyler Breeze in 10:23 by pinfall.
unnamed (9)
Tom – “A big win for the little man, who looks like he’s well and truly shaken off his past. The future looks bright for Kalisto.”
Graves – “Yeah, Breeze on the other hand has certainly had better days at the office”.
unnamed (10)
Graves – “It’s Bullet Club time”
AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes have graced us with their presence this evening. They’re probably as happy as they could be considering they left the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber without any gold, but my word did they make a statement.
AJ Styles – “Ladies and gentleman welcome tooooo, The Bullet Club Show.
Rhodes – “Yes welcome, and may we be the first to wish Dean Ambrose a speedy recovery as he continues his road to recovery at a nearby medical facility. You see, we’ve received a lot of stick for what we did. For beating Dean Ambrose into a bloody oblivion, but you see, everything that happens in that Chamber is legal. We didn’t know that Bray Wyatt was going to stab his Apostle in the back. We didn’t know Dean Ambrose would look for revenge, steal a key, then get blind sided and then locked back into the cage. And we certainly didn’t know the order of who was being let out of the pods.”
AJ Styles- “That’s right. Dean Ambrose was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. And Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are letting their emotions get in the way of that fact. Dean Ambrose doesn’t even care about Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns anymore. In fact, all 3 of them have been fighting eachother for the best part of a year! But when it comes down to it they still pretend that they’re brothers. Well Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Do you want to know what Brothers are?!?! TAKE A LOOK AT OUR FAMILY. TAKE A LOOK AT THE BULLET CLUB. ME. AJ STYLES. HIM. CODY RHODES. TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS LUKE GALLOWS AND KARL ANDERSON. We’re family. And we’re the best god damn faction on this planet. When you attacked us after our match on Sunday. You put a target on your back…. You’re now the only thing that this club has an eye on. Watch out. Because your Road to WrestleMania is going to be rocky.
unnamed (11)
Graves – “I wouldn’t want to be Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns right now..”
unnamed (12)
But next up, a man with renewed confidence after his big win last week over Cody Rhodes. Tyson Kidd has been granted permission to have an open challenge here tonight, as he continues to build momentum in this division..
unnamed (13)
Graves – “AH.”
Tom Phillips – “But look, who is opponent has turned out to be. It’s the returning angel. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!”
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Christopher Daniels defeated Tyson Kidd in 12:16 by pinfall with the BME.
(Tyson Kidd and Daniels have fucking blistering chemistry.) Ace.
unnamed (14)
Just before the main event, we get a video of Kota Ibushi training a load of chumps, looking mint at the same time. That video runs into Kota’s biggest win to date vs Dolph Ziggler and Austin Aries. He then takes his seat at ringside as the video ends.
unnamed (15)unnamed (16)unnamed (17)
Tom Phillips – “Here we go Corey. One of these men are going to Wrestlemania to face Kota Ibushi ON THE MAIN CARD.”
Corey Graves – “Absolutely Tom, and look at the range of superstars we have here. We have Kota Ibushi’s best friend Adrian Neville, the man who has probably more claim than anyone else to warrant being the number one contender, Austin Aries, and one of the brightest stars in world wrestling.”
Ding ding ding.
Austin Aries immediately squares up to Hideo Itami and gives him a verbal ticking off. Hideo responds by slapping him so hard across the face that one of his legs goes limp. Austin thinks better of that approach and leaves Hideo and Nevillle to business in the ring as he regroups….
Both men exchange hard hitting chest slaps before Austin gets in the ring again. He’s faced with a double team chest slap, and once again ducks out to rethink his strategy. Neville and Itami then exchange a whole bunch of quick, kicking and flipping moves before Aries picks his spot and cracks Itami in the face with his stiff elbow. That would likely get the three count most days, but most days you don’t have Adrian Neville getting in the way of everything that you do. Neville and Aries fight near the ring ropes while Itami comes around.
Bad Idea. Aries gets pushed to the other side of the ring as Itami grabs Neville in a headlock. He goes up to the top turnbuckle to hit a tornado stun gun… sending the man that gravity forgot straight back to Austin Aries, who cracks Neville in the face with that same devastating elbow!
Neville is down and rolls to the outside. Itami jumps off the toprope and cracks Aries in the face with a picture perfect drop kick to the face. He sets Aries up for a shining wizard, but Aries ducks and hits a Backstabber, then heads up high!
Tom Phillips – “Aries is looking for some air time here folks!”
But Hideo catches Austin Aries in the fireman’s carry position. He shifts his body weight and seamlessly transitions him over onto his knee.
Graves –  “GO TO SLEEP.”
unnamed (18)
Aries is out! Hideo goes for the cover!
unnamed (19)
But Neville is up!! He whacks out the red arrow! It breaks up the pinfall, knocking Hideo flying and leaving Aries unattended to.
unnamed (20)
Corey Graves – “Best friends are going to collide at WrestleMania. Can they even remain best friends over the next few weeks? Each mans career can be totally made in a few weeks time. Imagine winning or defending the Cruiserweight Championship on it’s first appearance at Wrestlemania in years and years and years. Honestly. I don’t think they can remain friends.
That being said. The show ends with Neville smiling and pointing at his friend, While Kota Ibushi smiles and applauds.

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