CWC, Week 2 March 2017


Corey Graves – “We are less than 3 weeks away from Wrestlemania. And do you know what Wrestlemania means Tom?”

Tom Phillips – “I think I do Corey. It means the first defense of the new, reformed, Cruiserweight Championship.”

Corey Graves – “So many years out of the WWE Universes eye. But with Kota Ibushi as our champion, and a mouth watering match up against best friend Adrian Neville set up at the Showcase Of Immortals… Both men are currently in the ring to kick off this weeks show!”

Kota Ibushi & Neville start the show in the ring. Both men dressed to the nines.

They sit opposite eachother and take this time to discuss their friendship. Both men have been tagging and teaming with eachother against common foes for the best part of this year, but they agree that they have been less than successful in doing so. Despite insane levels of chemistry between the two, they never seemed to quite be able to knock off Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger when it really mattered. Neville implies that If Kota had kept is eye on the ball, then maybe then would have got it done. Kota disagrees, and says that both men committed everything into each match that they had together, and if Adrian is trying to dish out blame at this juncture, then maybe It’s Neville who needs to have a look at himself before their WrestleMania date. Both men stand from their seats, But are interrupted by GM JR.

Jim Ross – “Kota and Neville. The thing I love about this show and the wrestlers on it is that generally speaking, the match ups that we have are based purely on the competition, rather than petty squabbles. The last thing I want is for you two to fall out, despite knowing how important your match at WrestleMania is going to be for both of your careers. So, in the spirit of CWC, I tihnk the best thing for you two tonight is competition. Separately, against 2 men vying to bring the NWA World Heavyweight Championship here to CWC. Austin Aries and Hideo Itami. And Neville. Your match is next!

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Adrian Neville defeated Austin Aries in 11:07 by Submission with The Rings of Saturn. Adrian showed a side of him that we’ve never seen in a WWE ring before. He was ultra focussed, stiff, and brutal with his strikes. He turned the tide of the match a nasty drive by kick to Austin, who was laying prone with his head hanging out of the ring. He then went up top to hit The Red Arrow before deciding not to. Instead hitting Austin with a meaty elbow, followed by The Rings of Saturn. He leaves the ring without acknowledging the fans.

Tom – “That, was a side of Neville we have never seen before Corey. Cold, heartless, and with gold on his mind….”

Corey – “WHAT THE HELL?”

Tom – “It’s the Architect! Here on CWC!”

Rollins – “AJ STYLES! CODY RHODES! I’m here on your show!. Yeah. I make the weight. And you can bet your asses I’m here ready for a fight. Do you have any idea who I am? How dangerous I can be when someone presses all the right buttons. Do you have any idea how dangerous my pals can be when we’re together? No armour can protect you. No-one can save you. And no BULLET will penetrate the SHIELD.”

AJ Styles appears by himself at the top of the ramp.

AJ – “Do you not learn Seth? What is it in that dumb skull of yours that keeps telling you that this is a good idea? Your Shield is a relic. And I promise you, that sooner rather than later, your Shield will fall…”


Tom – “What, did we just see?”

Corey – “I don’t know Tom, but I have a feeling that we will get a clarification on SmackDown this week.”….

Next up. Cruiserweight action between two ment without much direction at the moment. Tyler Breeze and the recently reinvigorated Kalisto!

Tyler Breeze is making his entrance for the next match…but Tyson Kidd comes out of nowhere and attacks him in the aisle. A brutal attack leaves Tyler Breeze hurt, and a crowd of officials come out to help him backstage for medical attention. In the meantime, Tyson Kidd heads for the ring, apparently inserting himself into the match!

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Tyson Kidd defeated Kalisto in 9:45 by submission with a Sharpshooter after countering Kalisto’s Celina Del Sol.

Post match. Tyson grabs a microphone to explain his actions over the past few weeks. An action of which is met by a chorus of boos.

Tyson Kidd – “You boo me? ME?!?! Over the last twelve months, I have scratched and clawed my way from obscurity to being at the top of this division. I fought in some of the best Cruiserweight Championship matches on this show. I helped make this title relevant. I beat John Morrison for the title when no-one else could. Then Evan Bourne came and we finally reached number one contender ship status for Gallows and Anderson tag team titles. We were BOURNE BETTER. AIR CANADA! You loved me. Then Evan had issues and got sent to rehab and you forgot about me! FORGOT. Then Christopher Daniels returned last week and you cheered for him! The guy is 48 years old! I’M THE FUTURE OF THIS BRAN….

Daniels – “What…What’s that Tyson? You’re unhappy. Your best friend left you for the bottle and you think that you’ll pick a fight with a 48 year old to make yourself feel better? Well Tyson. This 48 year old has spark left in him yet.”

Daniels marches is way down to the ring, but as he enters the ring, Tyson dives out and walks up the ramp.

Corey – “Tyson doesn’t fancy any of Daniels right now by the looks of things.

Tom – “Well maybe he shouldn’t talk such a big game then.”


In a very non-WWE match. Kota Ibushi took on the former KENTA, the now Hideo Itami.

Kota, usually the face of breezey confidence and fun, had obviously been paying attention to Adiran Nevilles performance earlier tonight. He saw the fire that had been lit in his friends heart. And came out with a performance to match. Hideo is hardly the type of guy who hides from matches like this though, and altered his own style to match. What we got was strong style at it’s best…

Unfortunately for Hideo. It was Strong style that eventually became too strong. It an exchange of stiff slaps to the face. Hideo took one that rendered ihm totally legless. Kota then roundhoused him, causing a legit stoppage from the referee.

The winner of this match as a result of TKO. Kota Ibushi.

Tom – “That was wrestling like nothing I’ve ever seen. Hideo Itami is seeing stars, and it was absolutely the right thing to do for the referee to stop this bout…”

Corey – “That was a fight. Nothing more. How many wrestling moves did we actually just see? A couple of holds? That was it. Kota looked dangerous. And you have to wonder if Adrian Neville is going to have to delve deeper into his emotional state if he stands a chance at WrestleMania.


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