Power Hour, Week 2 March 2017

In a pre-show bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Jay Briscoe defeated R-Truth in 11:26 by pinfall with a Jay Driller.
Backstage, the man who “runs” Power Hour, European Champion Jay Lethal, bumps into an old team mate; The Good Brother Jey Fatu.
Lethal – Well now, it’s The Good Brother. How you doing man?
Fatu – Fuck off, alright? I’m not interested.
Lethal – Why all the hostility man? No love for the Gilded times?
Fatu – Well no, because if you remember you kicked the shit out of me and then kicked me out of the group.
Lethal – Following orders man. You didn’t have a belt and that’s just how Christian ran shit. Now we got a new boss, different from the old boss, and on this show I’m boss. So how about you do the boss a favour?
Fatu – You’re not the boss of me Lethal.
unnamed (1)
Jay – How’s about doing me a favour anyway? See there’s this one guy Samoa Joe. Big fella, kicked Darren Young through a window last week. Well he wants my title, and I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna come at me for it again this week. If you could do me a solid and take him out, maybe you find yourself going up the list of possible contenders? You get me?
Jey thinks about it. He’s not convinced.
Fatu – I don’t trust you anymore Jay. That can happen when you screw someone over. But I’m interested, obviously. Just like everyone else on this show, I want that European title, but if I’m going to put myself in the way of Samoa Joe then you’re gonna need to show a little faith man. I’m not related to Joe, but he is Samoan, and it’ll take more than some vague promise to get me to turn my back on that. I’m the Good Brother remember?
unnamed (2)
Renee Young – Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WWE Power Hour. I’m Renee Young and I’m joined at the desk by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry The King Lawler
Jerry Lawler – It’s great to be back behind the announce desk Renee. They’ve signed me up to a Legends contract and I said listen here, get me at the desk with Renee Young. I want in on the ground floor of that woman’s career.
Renee Young – Well that’s very kind Jerry, it’s good to have you back. I should explain that Booker T, who I usually call Power Hour with, has taken a leave of absence from the WWE to deal with his wrestling school down in Texas. It’s nothing to do with JBL.
Jerry Lawler – So we got a match next or what?
It’s Jey Fatu, the Good Brother, taking on former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio.
Renee – Bit of backstage information for you all, Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Contract expires in 6 days.
Jerry – Well he’s probably going to win this then.
In a decent match, Jey Fatu defeated Alberto Del Rio in 11:49 by pinfall after Jay Lethal, possibly to prove his trustworthiness to Fatu, distracted the ref to allow Jey to hit a low blow. He got Del Rio up and planted with a Rikishi Driver.
Lethal gives Fatu a nod, and Jey eventually gives one back. Looks like they’ve reached an accord.
Jake Roberts and Paige come out, with Paige challenging Mickie James to a match. If Mickie thinks she’s tough, she thinks she can mess with Amazing Kong, then she’s an idiot. Kong put Paige out of action for months, and doing so got Paige’s respect and her fear.
Jake – Fear is not a weak emotion, Mickie. Fear is smart. Fear makes you think. Makes you plan. Fear keeps you safe. My client Paige will one day be the WWE Universal Women’s Champion again. That’s my guarantee as her manager, but we have elected not to challenge Amazing Kong for the belt, because we are not stupid. Mickie James, last week my client taught Becky Lynch a lesson.
Paige – It’s time for you to learn the same lesson. (90)
In a poor match, Mickie James defeated Paige in 9:28 by pinfall with a Mickie-T.
Turns out Mickie wasn’t so easy to put away. Paige was wrong footed from the start, under-estimating Mickie and over-estimating herself.
Mickie got the pin and got the win, making the title gesture around her waist.
A video plays hyping the currently announced participants of the Intercontinental Title Ladder Match at Wrestlemania. We see Rusev and Sami Zayn defeat The Dudleyz and Big E pin Stixx to be entered into the match.
mania IC ladder
Renee and Jerry put over the fact that despite trying to avoid him, we’ll be seeing European Champion Jay Lethal take on Samoa Joe in a non-title match.
Lethal did everything he could to avoid getting too close to Joe, who pursued him aggressively.
unnamed (7)
When he couldn’t run anymore, Joe managed to snatch up Lethal and ploughed him into the ring with a rough as fuck brainbuster!
Lethal looks like he’s in some real ass trouble, but look here now…
unnamed (8)
It’s the Good Brother! Jey Fatu races to the ring.
Renee – Well that’s that question answered. Obviously Jey put his issues with Lethal and his exit from The Gilded behind him.
Lethal looks incredibly relieved to get some back up.
Joe sees Fatu coming, and he shoves the referee down so there can’t be a DQ. The ref takes a bump and shatters in a thousand pieces. He’s dead, basically, for however long it takes.
Fatu gets face to face with Joe, turns, and kicks Lethal’s nose off his face.
Jerry – Or maybe not. Looks like those wounds haven’t quite healed yet.
Fatu rolls out of the ring and Joe, a bit confused but ultimately happy that Lethal got hurt, shakes the ref away and destroys Lethal with a Muscle Buster for the 1, 2, 3!
unnamed (9)
Fatu snatches the belt off the time keeper and gets into the ring.
Renee – Looks like he’s gonna give it to Samoa Joe, King.
Jerry – You’re Joking aren’t you? Why would he?
Renee – Well he said himself, they may not be related but Samoans stick together.
Fatu hands the European Title belt to Samoa Joe, and slaps him on the back, raising his hand.
Then he super kicks the cunt.
Joe’s down. Lethal’s down. And the Good Brother Jey Fatu stands tall.
Renee – Another contender for the EU Title has entered the ring. It’s getting pretty crowded.
Jerry – We’ve got Superstars lining up to take that belt from Jay Lethal. He’d better watch out. When he wakes up that is.
Overall… 74
Not fucking bad.

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