Power Hour, Week 3 March 2017

Welcome one and all to The Power Hour!
We kick off backstage, as European Champion Jay Lethal is beset on all sides by challengers.
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Everyone’s bellowing and kicking off, demanding Lethal finally decide who will face him for the European Title at Mania.
Jay – Look, you all have claims, that’s fair enough, and I told John Cena on Raw last week that I would make my decision here tonight, and I intend to. Ok? We’re just missing one person.
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Jay – And here he is. “The Good Brother” finally turns up. Since we’re all here now, shall we head to the ring? No point being bashful!
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Jay – WELCOME TO THE POWER HOUR! I am your host and leader, The European Champion, Jay Lethal, and I have some exciting news!
The challengers all file out, steering clear of one another. Everyone steers most clear of Samoa Joe.
Jay – Yes yes. You’re all here, great! I have decided that none of you are worthy to challenge me for the European Title.
Samoa Joe charges the ring immediately, but Lethal backs up and holds up a hand.
Jay – Because you all are! Bad News is having his six man ladder match ,and Randy Orton will defend his NWA Title in a Rumble, and I’m way more important! I have my own show! So I’ve decided that at Wrestlemania I will defend thiss, my European Title, in a Fatal 5Way Elimination Match!
But don’t count your chickens just yet, because you all have to qualify! Tonight you four will each have a match. If you win, you go forward to Mania, but if you lose if becomes a Fatal 4way, then 3way, and then 2way… and if you all lose well I guess I just come out at Mania and sing the European national anthem for 15 minutes. Is it 15 minutes long? Do they have one for all of Europe? I’ll find that out, because it is HIGHLY likely that none of you will succeed tonight because I have hand picked your challengers. First up if The Good Brother, Jey Fatu, and we’re all gonna stay out here and watch as he takes on a former Intercontinental Champion…
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Woo woo Woo! You know it!
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Jey Fatu defeated Zack Ryder in 8:30 by pinfall with a Super Kick.
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Jey Fatu wins! He is going to Wrestlemania!
Lethal looks a bit fucked off, and the other competitors shrug and no sell the victory like they’re not bothered.
Climbing into the ring, Lethal shakes Fatu’s hand.
Jay – Yeah, well done. See you at Wrestlemania.
He points for Jey to get out of the ring, which he does but he doesn’t leave. He takes a seat at ringside to watch the rest of the show.
Jay – OK fine, Jey Fatu has made it to the big show. Good job. Your next competitor is former European Champion, Stixx!!
Stixx climbs into the ring and eyeballs Lethal.
Jay – And his opponent, straight from NXT…
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Renee – Oh my God! That Akam, of the Authors of Pain!
Jerry – Look at the size of him!
In a terrible match, Stixx defeated Gzim Selmani in 10:07 by pinfall with a Stixx Bomb.
Lethal bangs his hand on the announcers desk, then tries to pretend he’s delighted.
Jay – Great! Stixx is through to Mania. Amazing. Three Way Dance. That’s cool. That’s super cool. Let’s… let’s go to a commercial.
A video plays hyping John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title at Mania, which reminds us that this week on Raw the Champion John Cena will be acting General Manager.
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When we return, Lethal is back in the ring with Consequences Creed.
Jay – Welcome back everyone. I’m here with my old tag team partner and current wannabe challenger, Consequences Creed. We’re just getting ready to introduce his opponent for tonight. You  nervous Creed?
Creed – Just get on with it you idiot.
Jay – You used to be cool. Well never mind, because it’s time to get motivated! With NXT Champion… BO DALLAS!
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In a poor match, Bo Dallas defeated Consequences Creed in 11:19 by pinfall with a spear and a quick roll up.
Jay Lethal is utterly utterly thrilled.
Jay – Yes! And he’s OUT! Consequences Creed does NOT go through to Wrestlemania!
Jay is jumping up and down with joy, until he backs into Samoa Joe in the ring.
Jay – Oh, hello Joe. Look man, I’m sorry but we are straight out of time.
Lethal quick rolls out of the ring and backs up the ramp.
Jay – But don’t worry brother. You got a match still. I have just the opponent for you, all lined up, for Raw. We’ll see if you make it to Mania.
Lethal leaves and Joe stares down Stixx and Jey Fatu in the ring as Power Hour goes off air.
Overall… 64

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