CWC, Week 3 March 2017

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Tom Phillips – “Ladies and gentleman welcome. We are LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY FROM THIS….
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Tom – “That it is Corey. And CWC is well on the way. We have participants in the NWA rumble, we have a highly anticipated Cruiser-weight Championship match, and we still have competitors looking to make their way to Orlando! With only one more show left next week, time is ticking….
Corey – “And with time short on our hands, we’re not going to stick around, because GM Jim Ross has sanctioned a doozey of a match for us to kick off tonight. Two men who really have not gotten along since one of them debuted a few weeks ago here on the main roster…. We finally get to see Austin Aries take on… Hideo Itami.
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In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Austin Aries took advantage of the head injury that is still lingering since Hideo got knocked silly by Kota Ibushi. When Hideo went to hit the GTS, Aries planted a few knees into the side of his head. KENTA then dropped Aries, who took advantage in 10:43 by pinfall with a quick roll up.
Backstage. JR is on the phone to a mystery caller. He says that he will put Smackdown into “Capable hands” next week, and will meet the caller for discussions on WrestleMania week. He is then interrupted by none other than The American Nightmare himself… Cody Rhodes.
Cody – “JR. Look. You have to help me out. Since the main event last week I haven’t been able to get in contact with AJ, with Karl or Gallows. I don’t know what’s going on. I even understand that only 3 of us could represent in the 6 man tag match against the Shield at WrestleMania. And while I think that it should definitely be me instead of AJ Styles, I need to find a way to represent at WrestleMania….. JR. Do you know what happens if you’re perceived to not pull your weight in The Bullet Club????? Do you???
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Cody – “You’re expended.”
JR – “Believe it or not Cody, I have some sympathy for you. You went away to focus on improving yourself as a whole, and you came back WITH the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, a title that’s still in the company today. Now I can’t just put you in the NWA rumble, and I certainly can’t insert you into the Cruiserweight Championship match, BUT. I do see the talent in you that has always been there. SO TONIGHT. If you want to prove you worth and go to WrestleMania as part of Bullet Club, you have a 1-on-1 match. Win it. And I’ll put you in the NWA Rumble match, where you will have a chance to bring gold back to your stable mates. Lose it. And well, maybe you’ll end up just like Adam Cole….”
……..”By the way. You will be taking on WWE Cruiserweight Champion… Kota Ibushi”.
Next up, a tag team match pitting 2 teams of misguided individuals. Tyson Kidd will team up with Tyler Breeze, to face the returning vet that Kidd has taken exception to, Christopher Daniels, and his partner Kalisto.
Daniels and Kalisto v Breeze and Kidd
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In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Kalisto and Christopher Daniels defeated Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd in 8:53. Kalisto and Breeze once again managed to counter eachothers finishers. Breeze first, but then Kalisto countered the Fashion Driver into Salido Del Sol. He then took out Tyson as Daniels hit the Best Moonsault Ever to pick up a win for the faces.
A video is played showing unseen footage from last weeks SmackDown Live. Antonio Cesaro is shown waiting to get out to the ring to finally confront WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. Unfortunately for him though, He jumped the gun when Erick Rowen suckered him into coming out into the blue. He was vulnerable and he knew it………

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The Eater of Worlds, would leave smiling…. Cesaro however, would leave reeling after his first confrontation with the WWE’s own deity.  (90)

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Corey – “For Cody Rhodes, I’m not sure the stakes could be any higher. The guy is a multiple time Intercontinental Champion, A former tag team champion, he even climbed the MITB ladder to win the briefcase before Barrett took it off him. But on a personal level, Cody has a point to prove tonight, and unfortunately for him and his WrestleMania ambitions, there is a sizeable mountain to climb in the form of our Cruiserweight Champion….”
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Tom -“That’s right. Kota Ibushi is a man that just DOES NOT lose on CWC. and if his match last week against Hideo Itami is anything to go by, then Cody is going to have to stick clear of Kotas strikes, or he is not going to last long…”
Ding ding ding…..
Cody does the opposite of heeding Tom Phillips advice. In his head he has a point to prove tonight, so he goes straight at Kota with some big blows. after some back and forth jostling. Cody goes for the Beautiful Disaster kick but Kota ducks under. He mule Kicks Cody in the chest then teases the Phoneix-plex… Cody retreats out of the ring, giving himself time to think…
On commentary, Neville is polite and complimentary of Kota Ibushi. He says that the only reason they’re embroiled in this feud is because at WrestleMania, one of their lives will change. He says WrestleMania is the perfect place to make himself a household name, and him and Kota have that same ambition. He doesn’t think that thy’re overstepping the marks of their friendship, and they will continue tearing up the Cruiserweight and Tag divisions, after HE, wins the Cruiserweight championship….
By now, Cody has gone full silly in the ring with Kota. His traditional WWE style of wrestling is failing to create the chances that he needs to put away Kota Ibushi. He slaps Kota’s chest until it goes red but that only awakens the fire inside Kota. They trade chest slaps, before Kota once again lulls his opponent into trading face slaps. Once again it’s Kota who absorbs the punishment most effectively. Cody drops to one knee after Kota rebounds off the ropes and hits a vicious sounding back elbow. He then sets up the roundhouse that he hit Hideo Itami with a few weeks ago in our main event here on CWC. As he goes for it though Cody falls totally limp, and actually manages to duck it by passing out. The referee is more lenient in this match though, and opts to not call the TKO just yet…..
Kota lifts Cody, who shows enough life to roll to the outside, right in front of where Adrian Neville is sat on commentary. Neville is on alert…
Tom – “Kota has Cody reeling, Is this where his WrestleMania dreams come to an end?”
Corey – “Not only that Tom, is this where his Bullet Club days cease to continue?”
Rhodes makes his way to his feet. Kota has him lined up.
Tom – “After Kota and Adrian’s post-5-minute-challenge strike off last week on Smackdown, Kota looks like he’s going to hit the roundhouse kick right in front of his “friend” and former tag team partner to send a “Strong-Style” Statement….”
Neville – “No he’s frickin’ not.”
Neville decides that’s a dick move, and stands up to confront his WrestleMania opponent…. Both men stare each other down before Kota remembers he actually has a match to win. He pushes Neville out of his face, and focuses back on Cody… Kota flings Cody back into the ring, but by now Neville has got back to his feet. He marches away from commentary and grabs Kota’s leg, as if he wants to have a stern word with the guy….
The referee has no choice here. He marches over and bans Adrian Neville from ringside!
Neville is irate and takes the referees full attention away from the match participants. Cody has taken a panning from Kota, and is only now getting back to his feet.
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Anderson ops out before the referee can finish dealing with Neville. But as he turns around Cody is atop Kota Ibushi..
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Corey – “And just like that, we go from perceiving The Bullet Club as a fractured unit, to one maybe stronger than we thought….”
Tom – “I guess we’ll see how this plays out on SmackDown tomorrow night, but right now, it does indeed look like Cody Rhodes still has a spot in the Bullet Club, despite being overlooked for their match against The Shield. Do we read anything into AJ Styles not coming to Cody’s aid?”
The show ends with Kota Ibushi looking unimpressed by Adrian Neville’s actions, and a perplexed Cody Rhodes, having secured his place in the NWA rumble, having his hand held up by the referee and Karl Anderson….

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