Smackdown, Week 3 March 2017

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Michael Cole – “Here we go! We’re just over 1 WWE-EK (<– See what I did there?) from WRESTLEMANIA!”
John – “Damn straight Michael, and look who we have joining us on commentary for the considerable future from now on!!”….
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Corey – “It’s the Saviour of Misbehaviour, The Iron City Superstar, It’s me, Corey Graves from NXT and CWC. And I am psyched to help call my first epsode of Smackdown Live with you guys. We have the Shield vs The Bullet Club, we have Kevin Owens defending the rights of friends everywhere, we have the most dominant man in professional wrestling right now Bray Wyatt… Lets see where this journey tonight takes us!” (85)

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Cole – “And we start with that man. THE WWE CHAMPION, Bray Wyatt”
Who is flanked as always by his right hand of destruction, The White Sheep Erick Rowan. They enter the ring to the chorus of chants.
“you’ve got the whoooooollleeeee world, in your hands”.
Bray – “Yes my brothers. I do have the whole world in my hands, and I also have the crown to prove it. Antonio Cesaro, you have battled so valiantly man, so valiantly to earn your place opposite me at Wrestlemania, but ultimately,it will be in vain. You lack the attributes required to face someone like me, an entity like me. A god, like me. And you showed last week that your eagerness to prove the doubters wrong is ultimately your greatest weakness.  At Wrestlemania, I will prove that just like all the rest of them, you are a fraud. You will fall. They all fall…”
“But I feel bad for you man, I have an army of firefly’s around me, and a White Sheep who will stand in the way of all comers for me. You… Have no-one. At Wrestlemania, you will be alone. So tonight I invite you to either stand tall by yourself, and face me and my brother Erick here, or find a friend. But I warn you Antonio, you will find no-one. No-one wants to face me, and that, should be all the proof that you need that at Wrestlema…..”
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Cesaro makes his way to the top of the ramp…
Cesaro – “You seem so sure that after the way things have gone for you recently, that at Wrestlemania, there is no way that you can lose. But I tell you this, if my eagerness to prove my doubters wrong is my greatest weakness, than your god like complex and over confidence is yours.”
“I’ll meet you and Erick Rowan later on tonight Bray. But I won’t be looking for a partner. I’ll take you both on myself. By the end of the night, it will be you who…. Runs.”
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Corey – “First match up tonight, and it’s two guys who have issues with eachother stemming from my neck of woods, Christopher Daniels makes his singles return to Smackdown live, and he will take on the ever-more jealous Tyson kidd.
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, The match ended with a disqualification when……..
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Cole – “Wait what? Kevin Owens?!?!?!?! What on earth has he got to do with this match?!?!”
KO runs to the ring and batters Tyson Kidd into a pulp. Daniels stays out of it. KO powerbombs him in the middle of the ring and grabs a microphone.
KO – “Crimes against friendship case number one. Tyson Kidd. The man who turned his back on John Morrison and STOLE his Cruiserweight Championship six months ago. HE TRUSTED YOU TYSON. HE TRUSSSTTEEEED YOOOUUUUUU.”
With that, KO hits Tyson with a variation of Morrisons Moonlight Drive, before walking off.
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Backstage, Jim Ross is talking to Antonio Cesaro. He mentions again that he is away next week, and has been proactive in booking portions of next weeks show already. He tells Cesaro that he had anticipated he would opt to choose a partner for tonight’s main event, rather than face it alone. As such, he had already authorised next weeks main event. A Steel Cage match, pitting Cesaro and his chosen partner against WWE Champion Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan. Cesaro thinks for a moment while JR says that he should reconsider his options and find a partner to face the new face of fear. Cesaro declines, and says he will go it alone.
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Graves – “Is it that time already?!?!?!?!”
JBL – “It is Corey, get your5 dancing shoes on, because next up Joe Hennig of Perfect Plie will take on Jack Swagger of AmericA.
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Curtis Axel defeated Jack Swagger in 10:44 by pinfall with a Perfect-Plex. During the match we had all sorts of shenanigans, with Dolph Ziggler getting involved as well as Fandango. In the melee, it was Hennig who took advantage, hitting his dads trademark Perfect-Plex for the win. Dolph then throws a tantrum before the adverts.
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Eat yours.
Backstage, The Miz (who is recently been working on some of his weaknesses down in NXT), is seen in his suit looking for general manager Jim Ross…
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Unfortunately, Jim Ross he does not find. Instead..
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Kevin Owens is looking for blood. He appears from behind The Miz and batters him into the ground. While The Miz is limp, Owens package Powerbombs him through the catering table.
KO – ” Crimes against friendship case number two. The Miz. several years ago you were part of the hottest tag team on the planet. The Miz and Morrison. You hosted The Dirt Sheet on dot com before dot com while dot com was still cool. Then what did you do? YOU THREW IT ALL AWAY. You attacked John, ruined all you had built, for a meaningless world championship run that no-one cared about! HE TRUSTED YOU MIZ. HE TRUSSSTTEEEED YOOOUUUUUU.”
And with that. KO leaves The Miz buried in sandwiches and splinters

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We get a video package previewing the WWE Cruiserweight championship match at WrestleMania…. We’re shown footage from last nights CWC of Neville saying that their friendship matters just as much as the gold, but WrestleMania is the chance of a lifetime for both men to make themselves household names. The video then shows glimpses of all the times Neville has in fact chosen to take the low road in this rivalry. Finally, Cole announces that next week on CWC, Kota Ibushi will call out Adrian Neville for the final time.
In a poor match, Tyler Breeze faced Kalisto in their never ending formula of trading wins. Both men seemed reluctant to go for their finishers since the other keeps countering it into their own. It was Kalisto that blinked though, and when he decided to go for Selina Del Sol, It was Breeze who countered it into a quick pin, with a hand on the tights.
Backstage, The Bullet Club. AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are seen talking in a corridor. They are met by The Bullet Club member who is not facing The Shield in 3 on 3 tag team championship action at WrestleMania, Cody Rhodes. Cody is still weary of the trio, even after Karl Andersons actions on CWC this week, but he is embraced with a hug by all three men…
AJ – “Look Cody, I’m sorry that the guys chose me to represent The Bullet Club in this match at WrestleMania, but what Karl decided to do on CWC this week, by helping you enter the NWA rumble, that was a decision we all made. At WrestleMania you will still represent our great family. You will still carry on our traditions and wave our flag. We’re united. Something that the members of The Shield know nothing about. So me, Luke, and Karl here, We’re going to the ring now to tell the WWE Universe exactly what we’re about. You focus on winning us more gold, at WrestleMania….”
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The Bullet Club make their way into the ring with a distinct air of swagger about them.
Anderson – “Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you to who will be the retaining WWE tag team champinos after Wrestlemania is through. The Bullet Club. You know since we’ve arrived here, I am yet to remember a contest deemed worthy enough for me to consider a challenge. Perfect Plie almost fluked it, yes. Air Canada fell apart. KO-MO couldn’t stay out of the Beasts business, and Enzo and Cass and American Alpha were flashes in the pan, not yet refined enough to face the greatest tag team on the planet.
AJ Styles – “And so it comes to this. The SHIELD have reformed in a valiant and gallant attempt to reclaim their yard from the invaders. But as they have proved time and time again. Their attempts are dull and null. Through in-fighting, kidnapping and brainwashing their credibility is shot and frankly, they are a poor excuse of this company. Why do you think we were hired in the first place huh? We’re here to put the final nail in the coffin of these…WWE monkeys…. At WrestleMania…. Their Shield will crumble under the barrage of our bullets…
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These three men think otherwise.
COREY – “IT’S THE SHIELD. And they look dressed and ready for a fight.”
The Shield catch The Club off guard as they appear through the crowd. They split the faction into threes. Roman uses his strength to subdue and isolate Anderson. Rollins uses his agility to navigate Gallows, and Ambrose uses his bat-shit craziness to deflect AJ.
The Shield have a point to prove here tonight, and it shows in their ferocity. Ambrose hits deeds on AJ. Rollins Rain-triggers Gallows, before he gets Speared by Reigns… That Just leaves Anderson. He eats some rights from Ambrose then falls to a vicious Curbstomp from Seth Rollins. All three men then turn their attention to AJ Stlyes..
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Triple Powerbomb from Shield!
Cole – “What a statement that is from the men dressed in black! For the first time it’s The Shield who stands tall, and it’s The Bullet Club who have been brought crashing down to earth”
JBL – “Is it Wrestlemania yet?”
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Next up we have tag team action from the confirmed members of the NWA Royal Rumble. Cruiserweights Austin Aries and Hideo Itami are going to team up, to face Sheamus and Cody Rhodes, and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton is going to be on commentary. NEXT!”
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Sheamus and Cody Rhodes defeated Austin Aries and Hideo Itami in 11:10 when Hideo Itami was disqualified after Randy Orton got involved in the match.
Cody and Hideo were the legal men, but Cody squared up to Randy on the outside, causing Randy to knock is former protege the fuck down. All the men squared up to each other in the ring, eventually throwing eachoter over the top ropes Rumble style… The last man standing… Randy Orton….
That was until at least…
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KO – ” Crimes against friendship case number three. Randy Orton. You prevented John from assuming his rightful place as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Why? WHO KNOWS WHY? You’re Randy Fricking Orton. Give someone a rub for once!”
Randy then turns into a Brouge kick from Sheamus, before KO hits another variation of a powerbomb, the gutwrench.
“AND AT WRESTLEMANIA BROCK. You will be added to my list of friendship criminals. Don’t get me wrong, I am deadly serious. You have never ever ever faced someone like me….
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Here comes the pain.
Brock appears on the ramp, it looks like KO’s statement tonight has truely grabbed his attention… He runs down to the ring where KO has prepped himself ready for a fight…
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Owens starts strong but the tables quickly turn when Lesnar hits a mean strike. He follows it up with a snap German and KO is in trouble!
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John Morrison appears from the crowd behind Lesnar. MOONLIGHT DRIVE! Lesnars reeling!
KO kicks him in the gut. POWERBOMB BY OWENS!!! LESNAR IS DOWN!
Cole – “KO-MO ARE BACK! Did they plan this all along. Did Lesnar walk into their trap?!?!?!”
KO-MO walk off up the ramp, each one raising the others hand.
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To cool things down a bit, In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Baron Corbin defeated Heath Slater in 8:17 by pinfall with an End of Days. Why? Because it’s fun for Corbin to smash someone up once a week.
A video plays reminding us of The Undertakers challenge to Sting on Monday Night Raw. Career v Career. There can only be one.
Cole – “And before our main event tonight a match that’s already been made for next week. Brock Lesnar will be in action on Smackdown Live just days before Wrestlemania, as he takes on…… John Morrison.
Main Event
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WWE Champion Bray Wyatt takes centre stage with his white sheep, Erick Rowan.
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Cole – “And here is the most talked about man in the WWE Universe right now, Antonio Cesaro.”
JBL – “And as expected, he is going this alone.”
Graves – “Despite what we’ve heard JR say about a possible steel cage match next week? I get that Antonio wants to prove to the world he belongs at this level, but I’m not sure this is the way to do it.”
Ding ding ding
Cesaro is straight out of the gate. He heads for Rowan and hits him with stiff uppercuts. He then picks him up as if he was a baby and slings him over the top rope. Cesaro riles the crowd up and gets them firmly on his side, as Bray slinks off the apron to help his man…
Cesaro looks a million bucks, but one man can only best 2 men for so long. Eventually the terrible twosome get the upper hand, and keep it. There’s nothing pretty from Rowan and Bray. Just slogs and punishment. Bray only tags himself in when there is virtually no chance of a Cesaro fightback. Eventually Cesaro does counter Rowan though, hitting a glorious springboard European before getting ready to swing him to the nines… Bray counters this by blindsiding the Swiss Superman illegally. He then refuses to stop his assault….. This causes……….
In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, Antonio Cesaro defeated Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan in 12:30 when Bray Wyatt intentionally got disqualified while fighting Antonio Cesaro.
Bray doesn’t give a shit.
Sister Abigail connects.
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But he isn’t done yet.. He whispers in Rowans ear… It looks like things are going to get really nasty here for Antonio…
Then it goes dark…..
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GRAVES – “YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS. This is the best night of my life!”
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Sting wails on Rowan with the baseball bat, hitting him for six. A shocked Bray retreats and scampers up the ring ramp. Cesaro comes around to see that he is faced with an icon with a microphone.
Sting – “Antonio. In just under two weeks I’m going to end The Undertakers career. But next week. My diary is painfully empty..
…..I will walk into the Steel cage by your side. And in doing so the world, Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker will realise that it’s neither the new or the old faces of fear that everyone has to worry about. What they should be worried about is the real face of fear.”  
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