CWC, Week 4 March 2017

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Tom Phillips – “Ladies and gentleman welcome to the last stop for the Cruiserweights on the road to WrestleMania! we are just 5 nights away!
Corey Graves – “So much hype, so much anticipation, so much drama and action to come. I almost lost my mind on SmackDown this week and I’m sure I will as well on Sunday when this happens……
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The Cruiserweight Championships first appearance at WrestleMania in a decade. Kota Ibushi is faced with the daunting task of taking on the man that gravity forgot, and his best friend, Adrian Neville. Both of those two men come face-to-face one final time, later tonight.
Tom Phillips – “But first of all, Christopher Daniels has a point to prove to Tyson Kidd”.
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Christopher Daniels comes down to the ring. He takes a microphone and starts talking to the crowd, before eventually calling Tyson out. He says that he’s sorry that he’s shown Tyson up over recent weeks, and how that in turn has caused Tyson to have a crisis of confidence, but The Fallen Angel is here to stay….. So get used to it…

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That lures the last graduate of the Hart dungeon out. He says that when he is 48 years old, he won’t be stood in that ring anymore. He will have his feet up on the sofa. Why? Because by then he would have done everything Christopher Daniels hasn’t. Won World titles. Made a household name for himself. Cemented his legacy……..
Daniels calls a referee over, he has a point to prove. Kidd gets in the ring and we have a match.
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Tyson Kidd defeated Christopher Daniels in 8:45 by stoppage when Christopher Daniels was injured and could not continue. Tyson Kidd ended up bloodying and pummelling the respected vet in the corner. He broke count every time the referee asked, but eventually the referee had no choice but to call for the bell. TECHNICALLY a clean win for Tyson. But one that is well and truly against the spirit of competition.
Graves – “And another example of a changing of style here on CWC. It’s hard hitting, it’s fast, and it’s brutal. Frankly if you step into he ring expecting anything else. You’re going to have your lights sparked out”.
Tom – “That seems to be the case, but back to the here and now. And Good Ol’ JR Jim Ross has booked us a triple threat match-up for us next. CWC’s three representatives in Sundays curtain raising inter-promotional NWA Royal Rumble compete for momentum! Hideo Itami takes on Austin Aries who takes on Cody Rhodes. NEXT!
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In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Hideo Itami defeated Cody Rhodes and Austin Aries in 10:40 when Hideo Itami defeated Cody Rhodes by pinfall with a GTS.
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Graves – “Big win for Hideo en route to WrestleMa…
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Tom Phillips – “Wait what?!?! NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION RANDY ORTON is here!”
Indeed he is. Orton comes out on a show he is well and truly not welcome on…
Randy – “So this is where you boys call home. It’s nice, it’s alright, i’ll give you that. But this is not where I’m from. I’m cut from a finer cloth than you gentleman dwelling over here. Cody, you even choose to be here by design. Why man? Why? Is it too daunting being over on Smackdown with the big boys?”
Randy gets closer to the ring….. Eventually getting up onto the ring apron
“On Sunday, all three of you are going to experience and be part of the biggest night of your lives, but I warn you now. It won’t be at my expense. I am a 12 time World champion. 13 if you include the NWA Championship here. And I am not going to lose it to some chump from a foriegn company or to any of you guys scraping the barrel down here.”
At this point the three cruiserweights have heard enough. Austin Aries had quietly loaded up his running spinning elbow. He uses Cody and Hideo as human shields to hit Randy right on the chops, sending him to the outside. He then heads out himself and launches him back into the ring….
Phillips – “Randy Orton just called these 3 men chumps. Well these 3 chumps are about to dish out a whole worrrllllddddd of pain…”
Hideo gets Orton up. GO TO SLEEP!
Orton hits hard and falls back into a waiting Cody Rhodes’ arms.
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The three men leave as side-by-side as they ever have been or will be again.
Jim Ross is in his office where he is confronted by Tyler Breeze and Kalisto. Both men argue that they deserve further opportunities after their respective wins over the other over the last few weeks. JR denies that a clear winner has been found, and says that to end this before WrestleMania, both men will face off next in a 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH.
A video plays hyping Sundays dream match. The Shield will take on the AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows incarnation of The Bullet Club. The stakes? The WWE Tag Team Championships, and the bragging rights of being the WWE’s most dominant faction. There is no room for error
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In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Tyler Breeze defeated Kalisto in 10:14 by two falls to one.
In the first. Kalisto pinned Tyler after hitting Selina Del Sol. 1-0 Kalisto.
In the second. Tyler got lucky. Kalisto mounted the ropes but wasn’t quick enough propelling his momentum forward. Tyler kicked the ropes, hanging Kalisto up long enough for Tyler to collect his man and hit the Fashion driver. 1-1.
Both men go through sequences to hit their respective finishers. But both come up short. These two men have faced each other in a form of 1 on 1 competition 4 times recently, so their counters are spot on.
Kalisto looks to have the best chance at putting Tyler away. He goes to hit a reverse DDT, but Tyler counters with a reverse mule kick.
SELINA DEL SOL. FROM BREEZE! He hits Kalisto’s own finisher! (Because he’s fucking mint)
Phillips – “Tyler Breeze wins the blow off to this feud pre-wrestlemania. Whether he ends up at mania or not is anyones guess, but the most important thing for the most fashionable man in WWE is that he has momentum on his side. Post mania looks good for Tyler Breeze.”
Main Event Showdown 
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In the ring Kota says that he doesn’t care about what’s happened over the last few weeks. He understands why Adrian Neville, best friend or not, feels that Sunday is make or break for his career. He empathises with Adrian that in some ways he feels the same. WrestleMania is an anomoly of an event. But he points out that whatever the result on Sunday, both men will reach the top of WWE. Together.
Adrian Neville, reluctant as he has become, shockingly decides to give Kota a hug. He says that he more than anyone knows just how good Kota Ibushi is, and it is for that reason only that he has acted the way he has done over the last few weeks. He says that their friendship is what means the most in the world to him, and on Sunday, they’re going to put on the match of night…….
The two men once again embrace to CWC chants in the ring.
Then Neville strikes.
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He blasts Kota in the back of the head with a vicious kick (reminiscent of Ibushi himself), flooring the champion.
To a chorus of boos. Neville locks in his submission hold. The Rings of Saturn.
He writhes Kota around in the centre of the ring….. When he eventually decides to release his grasp, Kota is out cold, and Neville has solidified his place as CWC’s most despised heel.
Neville stands tall with Kota Ibushi’s belt to end the show. All remnants of his and Kota’s friendship seemingly shattered in the build-up to their career-defining championship match in a few days time.
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