CWC, Week 1 April 2017


Here we go.

“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM-BA-BOOM! BOOM!” The show starts with an impressive opening of pyro, before the lights are raised and several sections of the excited crowd are shown waving various signs. The focus then switches to the announce table where Tom Phillips and Corey Graves introduce and hype tonight’s show and the expected impact the likes of retaining Cruiserweight Champion Kota Ibushi, and defeated challenger Adrian Neville will have…”

Greg Hamilton – “Laaadies and gentleman please welcome, Smackdown Live and CWC General Manager, Jim Ross!”

Ross – “Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the first CWC of a new WWE Year. Wrestlemania was an absolute roaring success this year, and that’s not only down to the performers and athletes involved, but it’s down to you guys as well. Without you (Lambley, Gazz), the drive and determination of those athletes would be non-existent. You’re the reason that what happens here happens. So thank you.

But on that note. Kota Ibushi retained his Cruiserweight championship last night in a nail biting match against Adrian Neville. While Neville put in one hell of a fight, we must roll forward, and I think that the best way to do that is by finding a NEW number one contender!!!!!!

So tonight…. we will have a fatal-5-way to decide who that man will be. Those 5 men will be… The Bullet Club’s Cody Rhodes……. The former KENTA Hideo Itami….. The Greatest man that ever lived Austin Aries…. Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze…. and CWC’s resident luchador, Kalisto!

That’s for our main event tonight, firs….

Yes, first, It’s Tyson Kidd. and before Wrestlemania he challenged this decades first Cruiserweight champion, the veteran Christopher Daniels, to a Loser Leaves Town match…..

Kidd – “Thanks JR. Yes. First up tonight, it’s me. And as of yet I have still not heard from ‘The Fallen Angel’, in regard to my challenge last week. The CWC is a place for young talent to progress, and top tier talent to rule. Daniels, you are no longer either of those things.. so get out here… fall on your sword an….”

Tom Phillips – “Out Daniels comes… One can’t imagine he’s happy about being called an old man”

Graves – “Christopher Daniels has won more titles than Tyson Kidd has fingers and toes, he’s a wildly confident man. But at this point of his career, I’m not sure that accepting this challenge is sensible…”

Daniels gets into the ring. JR tries to have a word with him but Daniels is having none of it. He wants this match, and JR reluctantly sanctions it. Kidd smiles in the corner. LOSER LEAVES TOWN ACTION BETWEEN 2 FORMER CRUSIERWEIGHT CHAMPIONS. NEXT!

In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat…. Daniels started the strongest, causing Kidd to retreat and consider whether this match was really a good idea. Daniels got felled by a chop block to one of his legs after Kidd slinked in behind Daniels after he was talking to the referee. Kidd continued working that leg throughout the match. Eventually Daniels hit Angels Wings out of nowhere on one leg!!

But it was hit with such ferocity that it knocked Kidd out of the ring. Daniels, on one leg, tried to put Kidd back in the ring, but on his way back in, Kidd wrapped it around the bottom rope and locked in an inverted rope aided figure 4…… The referee breaks the hold. But Kidd drags Daniels into the centre of the ring and locks in the Sharpshooter…….

Daniels has to tap. Christopher Daniels loses this match, and loses his spot on CWC AND Smcakdown Live.

Kidd wanders off, happy that his work has been done. The crowd bids farewell to Christopher Daniels as he leaves the ring for the final time as stipulated in the prior match. The KernowVerse’s first Cruiserweight Champion has been hounded by the final graduate of the Hart Dungeon over the last few weeks, and unfortunately, he will never appear on the Cruiserweight show again.

Thank you Christopher Daniels. Fuck you Tyson Kidd.

Next up a video package shows the highlights of the Wrestlemania match up between Kota Ibushi and Adrian Neville. Neville debuted his new out and proud heel persona, and may well have won the title he craves had he hit the Red Arrow on Sunday, but he didn’t. He starved the WWE Universe of wrestlings most beautiful move, to his own detriment. Kota Ibushi capitalised, and now we need a new number one contender…..


So here we go. First out. Bullet Club’s own Cody Rhodes.

Tom – “The Bullet Club had a night to remember last night didn’t they Corey? Beating The Shield to remain Smackdown’s most dominant faction. Can Cody make the factions extended weekend even better?”

Graves – “Absolutely, Cody may even be the favourite in this match. He’s crafty, he’s intelligent, and I’m sure he has a game plan to take home the win tonight”.

Tom – “Now these two men have been focusing on eachother, and the NWA Championship in recent weeks, is it now time for both of them to turn their attention back to the Crusierweght championship?”

Graves – “Again, absolutely. Hideo debuted after Aries beat Tyler Breeze to earn a de facto shot at the Cruiserweight championship back at Elimination Chamber. Then they both went on to earn roles in the NWA rumble at Wrestlemania. Now that that’s past, it’s time for both to focus back on the Cruiserweight Championship. Because that’s the ring they should be aiming for.”

Tom – “And what about these two?”

Graves – “Well Breeze and Kalisto have been in eachothers faces for the last month or so. Breeze seemed to win the blow off last week after hitting Kalisto’s own finisher against him. It’s an interesting tactic, one that I wonder if he’ll go for again tonight.”

It’s all about this. Who’s going to get a shot?

OH SHIT. Kota Ibushi himself has appeared at ringside. WWE’s most famous Cruiserweight has an obvious vested interest in this match…..

Ding ding ding.

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat…..

Rhodes and Itami were seemingly attached at the hip throughout this match. Wherever one cropped up, the other re-appeared to down the over. It was beautiful. In the final sequence, Itami got knocked outside the ring by Cody, who looked up and gave him The Bullet Club gun sign. Across the ring. Austin Aries locked in the last Chancery on Kalisto, as Tyler Breeze appeared from behind Rhodes…..


Graves – “That wasn’t a Cross Rhodes Tom, It was a Cross Breeze! A strong one, coming all the way down from British Columbia! (That’s where Tyler Breeze is from by the way).

Breeze covers Cody as Kalisto tries not to tap…… 1……2…….. Kalisto’s tapping out, but the referee is struggling to switch his attention! …. 3!

Tom – “Kalisto taps out to the Last Chancery!

Graves – “Yeah, but Tyler Breeze just pinned Cody 1,2,3!

The match technically ends in a draw after Austin Aries submitted Kalisto and Tyler Breeze pinned Cody Rhodes at the exact same time.

Both Aries and Breeze are convinced they’ve won. But video replays and many referee’s opinions can’t split the decision. The match-up ends in confusion. Nevertheless, Kota Ibushi stands and applauds both apparent victors on their victory…

Graves – “What a night. CWC remains competitive as ever, and we will try and figure this one out for you guys at home by tomorrow. Don’t forget, Post Wrestlemania Smackdown Live ladies an gentl…..


ADRIAN NEVILLE rushes to the side of the ring and cracks Kota across the head. He then locks in the Rings of Saturn at ringside… Kota passes out, and the show ends with referees trying to release Neville’s grasp.


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