Power Hour, April Week 2 2017

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Renee Young – Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to WWE Power Hour. My name is Renee Young, here on commentary with William Regal and for some reason still Jake “The Snake” Roberts.
Jake – Your hospitality never ceases to warm my heart Miss Young.
Renee – Yeah, thanks a lot.
Regal – Jake, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it to your face; You’re a sod. But you’re my kind of sod.
Jake – I appreciate that William, I really do.
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Zack Ryder gets in the ring to cut a promo on The Briscoes, saying they look mental and act mental and that kind of style might play in the indies, but this is the WWE. You need some polish, some sort of USP and it can’t just be that you don’t wash. Free Ryder may be towards the bottom of the Tag Team pack right now, but Zack has been a champion in WWE before and he and Brian Freeman plan to be champions again.
While he’s speaking, The Briscoes make their entrance out of the crowd and start kicking the shit out of Ryder.
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This brings our Zack’s tag partner, another former Edge Head, Brian Freeman.
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And now we’re looking at a tag match.
In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Free Ryder defeated The Briscoes in 10:22 when Zack Ryder defeated Mark Briscoe by pinfall with a Rough Ryder.
Next up, the facest Face of them all… BAYLEY!
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Jake – Now here’s the problem with the Women’s Division, Miss Young. Amazing Kong is a dominant champion, a serious champion. My client, Paige, is a serious contender. Wrestlers, fighters both. But Bayley? What is she? She’s a hugger. A smiler. A whitemeat babyface in the old Hulk Hogan mould. She’s a throwback.
Bayley –  I’m about to have a match here, but I wanted to take just a few minutes of your time to talk about Paige. She’s got a problem with me because of my Sunny Disposition. She wants to bring a little darkness into my world by attacking me every chance she gets. Well I’m afraid knock-off Wednesday Addams is going to receive a shock when she finds out I’m harder to put away than she thinks.
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Bayley’s opponent for tonight, Naomi, interrupts and puts an end to Bayley’s speech. It’s Glow Time.
In a decent match, Bayley defeated Naomi in 8:44 by submission with a Sunny Disposition (scissored armbar)
Renee – Woah! Bayley bust out a submission hold. Have we seen that from her before?
Regal – She used it to tap out Sasha Banks in an NXT Iron Woman’s Match I reckon.
Jake – She’s a kid with a new toy that she doesn’t know the workings of yet. She tapped Naomi, but Paige grew up in this business and she would never even allow herself to get into a hold like that.
Renee – Yeah well, speaking of people who want to beat one of your clients, let’s take a look at the man who defeated European Champion Rusev last week… The Heavyweight House of Pain… Stixx.
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A video plays hyping Stixx and his British Strong Style background.
Consequences Creed is backstage. bandaged up and in street clothes. He’s obviously not cleared to work as a result of the massive beating he took in the ECW Title Scramble last week on Raw. He’s on the phone with someone when he is attacked by Jey Fatu. The Good Brother pastes Creed into some boxes, then picks up his phone and says, “Who’s lethal now? See you soon.” and chucks the phone at Creed.
Jake – If I may, I’d like to introduce our Main Event for tonight. My client, the European Champion, The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev!
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Jake – As we have been unable to find competition here on Power Hour…
Renee – Debatable.
Jake – I have reached down into NXT to find someone with the pedigree to face my client. A previous champion here in WWE and currently a mentor in the developmental system.
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Regal – Bloody hell, it’s Carlito!
Renee – Jake is right in saying Carlito is a mentor. He’s currently one of the trainers down in Full Sail for NXT.
In a decent match, Rusev defeated Carlos Colon Jr. in 8:53 by submission with The Accolade.
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Jake – Do you all understand? See how Rusev bends this man, this “mentor”, to his will and makes him submit. This is a lesson, from Jake Roberts, to the young talent in this industry. Those of you wishing to be “promoted” to this roster and make a name for yourself on Power Hour. Maybe you’d like to win the EU title yourselves? Well the dreams of the young are food for the experienced. Stay in NXT, where you’re safe. You’re not ready… for this.
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Renee – Hang on… I know that music.
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Regal – Christopher Daniels?!
Renee – The Fallen Angel is here on Power Hour! He lost a Lose Leaves Town match to Tyson Kidd on Smackdown, but I guess with the Draft his contract was snapped up by Paul Heyman.
Regal – Well Daniels is definitely not an inexperienced rookie Renee. He’s been in the business 24 odd years!
Rusev looks like he wants to pulls Daniel’s arms off, but Jake warns him off and they step out of the ring, circle one another as Daniels steps in, and Jake leads his client to the back.
Renee – This is just the start of the surprises this week I bet. The WWE Draft begins on Raw this week, and we’ve already seen some impact here.
Regal – Rusev didn’t seem like he wanted to leave at all. If I know him, he’ll be relishing the thought of getting in the ring with a veteran like Daniels.
Renee – All to come perhaps. We’ll see. Good night everyone!
Overall – 68
Used Zack Ryder, Mark Briscoe and Brian Freeman too much. But not Jay Briscoe. He’s sound.

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