Smackdown, Week 1 April 2017

“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM-BA-BOOM! BOOM!” The show starts with an impressive opening of pyro, before the lights are raised and several sections of the excited crowd are shown waving various signs. The focus then switches to the announce table where Michael Cole and JBL introduce and hype tonight’s show….

Cole – “Ladies and Gentleman welcome! We’re just two days gone from Wrestlemania and my word, was it special.”

JBL – “Damn Straight Cole. Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, Kota Ibushi, John Morrison and The Bullet Club all picked up enormous victories last night, some possibly career altering!

Graves – “Indeed. And who knows what surprises were in for tonight? Who are we going to see? What matches are going to be made? Are we going to even see someone new?!?!”

Cole – “Only time will tell Corey. The only thing we do know is that just a little later, new NWA World Heavyweight Champion John Morrison will defend his title against the dethroned Randy Orton”.

But first…

A video airs showing highlights of the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania between Bray Wyatt and Antonio Cesaro. Antonio out-wrestled The Eater of Worlds, but Bray Out-Goded Cesaro. It was his fireflies that eventually gave Wyatt the opportunity he needed to put away the Swiss superman….

And here he is.

Bray comes down to the ring with Erick Rowan in tow. He takes the microphone as the crowd cheer and boo, totally split on their opinion of him.

Bray – “I told you all the truth. I always tell you the truth. I stand here still the ruler of this world. You see. Hardship, disparity, loneliness…… These are all emotions that afflict mortal men. Antonio. I have no doubt that you are experiencing a combination of these now. But don’t beat yourself up. You’re different to the rest. You’re stronger. I’ve always said you were. You’re from better stock. And I know that the light will guide you to your goal one day…… But that day was not Sunday. And your goal will never be the WWE Championship. Because I. AM. AND ALWAYS WILL BE. THIS. REALMS. LEADER….. It’s Champion…. And it’s Go…


Graves – “Hit the damn bricks guys!”

Brock Lesnar marches out with a purpose. Rowan has adopted a position just in front of Bray, but Bray whispers calming words into The White Sheeps ear. Rowan slinks back and Brock squares up to Bray..

But before anything can go down Cesaro marches down with a microphone in hand.

Cesaro – “Whoa whoa whoa. Brock. As much as I want to see you kick the crap out of WWE’s ‘God”, You absolutely, unequivocally, positively….

….Need to get to the back of the line…”

Cesaro -“Bray Wyatt is mine.”

Bray laughs as the two super athletes square up. Both men look over to see Bray and Rowan in the corner. Inevitably, shit kicks off. Both Cesaro and Brock pummel Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan. Rowan is mercilessly tossed out of the ring by The Beast Incarnate, While Bray is given the same treatment by Cesaro. Cesaro turns to look into the eyes of The Beast…. 5 seconds too late.


Cole – “After his slate cleaning win over Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar has arrived on the scene and made his intentions painfully clear. He wants the WWE Championship, I can’t think of a single person on this planet that would want to deny him the right”

Graves – “You’re right Cole. But in my opinion Antonio still warrents another shot. One without the whackjob sheep people…..

JBL – “What’s going to happen? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out”.




Cole – “Well, a strong start to tonights show.. And It’s only going to get stronger. Next up we have the NWA Championship match up between Randy Orton, and new Champion John Morrison

Before the match, a video is played showing John Morrison’s career defining win at WrestleMania, he eliminated Dalton Castle last to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The clip then shows Morrison, and Kevin Owens, enjoying an embrace backstage after Morrisons win, and despite Owens falling to Lesnar later that night (a match-up in which Morrison came to his friends aid), both men hit the bar for a beer to celebrate after. Naw.

In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, John Morrison defeated Randy Orton in 13:47 by pinfall after hitting Kevin Owens’ Bullfrog Splash after a distraction from Kevin Owens. KO was at ringside throughout the match, and after Randy had Morrison on the rocks, Owens jumped up on ringside, and ate an RKO-Stun-Gun, propelling him back to the ground. Morrison retaliated and hit Moonlight drive on the future hall of famer. He then went up high to hit starship pain, but as a tribute to his friend, opted to hit the bullfrog splash. 1…2….3.

John Morrison makes defence number 1 of his NWA World Heavyweight title.

After the match, John Morrison and Kevin Owens celebrate together in the ring. (79)



A video is shown next showing the highlights from CWC’s big main event this week. Tyler Breeze and Austin Aries managed to somehow both win the fatal-5-way number one contender match this week, after Aries made Kalisto tap out at the same time as Breeze pinned Rhodes. Just a few minutes later. Adrian Neville would return to mercilessly attack Cruiserweight Champion Kota Ibushi. While we are no closer to finding out who the true number one contender is. General Manager Jim Ross has booked a tag team match up next. Kota Ibushi will team up with Austin Aries to face Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze!

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze defeated Kota Ibushi and Austin Aries in 11:26 when Tyler Breeze defeated Kota Ibushi by pinfall with a quick roll up.

Cole – “Tyler Breeze steals one! He’s pinned the Cruiserweight Champion!

JBL – “Am I right in saying that even Neville hasn’t done that?

Graves – “Damn straight John. And as someone who knows Neville, that must gripe him to no end.”

JBL – “You don’t have to know him. Look at him! He’s just grabbed the camera mans camera and thrown it across ringside!”

Backstage. Jim Ross is chilling out, admiring his mint show so far. That is until his ambiance is interrupted by United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and AmericA-n compatriot Jack Swagger

Dolph – “I can’t wait Jack. Do you know why I can’t wait?

Jack – “Why Dolph? Tell me.”

Dolph – “Because next week is draft week, and hopefully, if all the stars align and Santa reads my Xmas list, we will be rid of this infernal show and be drafted to Raw. A show that treats it’s champions with respect. A show that would take two of the hottest properties in the wrestling world, that’s me and you by the way, and give them the platform to succeed, not chastise them for going about their work.”

JR – “Look Dolph, I see what you’re getting at here. Unfortunately I’m unable to disclose any details about the draft, as per a written agreement. However, I do agree that for tonight, you and more importantly, the United States Championship, deserve a spot on centre stage. So guess what you’re going to be doing….. That’s right, you’re defending it.”

Dolph – “Do you know what Jim. GOOD. Who am I facing?”

JR – Well, over the past few weeks, you, as well as quite a few other people, have labelled Perfect Plie as jokes, when in my opinion they more than proved themselves against Anderson and Gallows at Elimination Chamber. So get into that ring. Because your defending against Fandango.

Ding ding ding.

In a decent match, Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandango in 12:11 by pinfall with a Super Kick. During the match we also saw Curtis Axel run in and attack Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger also attack Fandango.  Dolph Ziggler makes defence number 1 of his WWE United States title. (76)

Cole – “WWE Tag Team Champions Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows! What on earth are they doing here?”

JBL – “Assessing their field? they’ve beaten The Shield. These last 4 guys are the only thing standing in the Club’s way before they totally and utterly own the Smackdown Tag Team division! And that’s if they don’t already”

Anderson – “You’ve got to be kidding… You guys are all that’s left now that we’ve well and truly crushed The Shield. AmericA and Perfect Plie…. Do you know. One day, you nerds may even decide to team up..

Gallows – “Yeah, and become AmericA-n Plie!”

Anderson – “I like it Gallows! And even then you still wouldn’t stand a chance. You see. We’re a cut above the rest. We’re the Freakin’ Bullet Club, and last night we proved, wellll and truly… That we are the Best Tag Tea…..

JBL – “Baron Corbin? The Lone Wolf? By that definition he has no right being out here in the midst of a tag team conflict.”

Cole – “You’re right John, but do you remember what Baron said before Wrestlemania? Something about Wolves working better in packs?”

Corbin – Guys. Thank you for all standing in the ring at the same time. You’re just the guys I wanted to see actually. You see last week I mentioned something about having to reassess my approach in this business. That’s something that I’ve done very carefully. I’m fairly lucky actually. I received a weird phone call. Lots of heavy breathing… And some words I didn’t fully understand. But then I did… The whole Lone Wolf thing, that’s a bit silly. Wolves are pack animals. They work better when they work together…. And one man has helped teach me that. I’ve always said that if you stand in my way, it will be your End of Days. But I promise you this. You will now truly understand the END, in End of Days.

Graves – “WHAT?!?!?!”

Cole – Aleister Black, the man (if you can call him that), formally known as Tommy End. He’s signed! He’s here! And he’s with Baron Corbin???

Graves – “That is bad news for all of the six men stood in that ring right now.”

Corbin and Black stand side by side, then charge down into the ring. Dolph and Swagger and Perfect Plie brawl amongst themselves and eliminate eachother from the ring. Gallows and Anderson don’t know where to focus their attention. Poor planning. Black kicks Anderson to hell and Corbin hits Deep Six on Gallows. Gallows rolls out leaving Anderson in the ring to fend for himself. Black meditates briefly, before raising Anderson’s chin with his boot. He spins and Hits Fade to Black. Anderson falls back into the loving arms of Baron Corbin, who plants him with End of Days.

Graves – “If you’re not scared. You should be. Baron Corbin and Aleister Black may be the most genuine threat to those tag titles that Gallows and Anderson have ever seen. And if their presence causes PP and AmericA to up their game… The Club could be in real trouble.

Next up is an advert for Glasto because… It’s relevant.

We’re reminded that Cody Rhodes and Hideo Itami pretty much cost eachother their chances of a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship on CWC this week by seemingly finding enemies in one another. Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring this week and calls Hideo out. He says that CWC is in need of more top tier WWE stars like himself, and that consistent failures like Hideo are what is stopping the brand from thriving…

Hideo arrives on scene, and quickly a brawl erupts. Hideo gets Cody on his shoulders. GTS time? NOPE! Cody rakes the eyes. He then hits Cross Rhodes. He stands tall, teases that he is going to leave the ring…… Then doesn’t. Somethings snapped in Cody. It may be pressure. It may be something else. But he mounts Hideo and unloads unrelenting fists onto his cranium…


Then it goes black….


The moment the violinist appeared Cody stopped what he was doing. Nakamura makes his entrance… And wards Cody away…. Hideo wakes up to see his friend by his side…..

Cole – “Ladies and gentleman, what a night we’ve had so far. Ali Black and Shinsuke Nakamura have arrived on Smackdown Live, creating an impossible amount of dream matches for the Smackdown Live roster down the line. But it’s worth remembering that last night, one man, a legend. Fell to The Undertaker. The Icon Sting has wrestled his last match in WWE, and he will be out here next to address the WWE Universe one final time. (89!)

Sting arrives in the ring with a microphone. He keeps it short and sweet, as he seems to struggle to find the right words to speak anyway.

Sting – “Words cannot describe how much I’ve enjoyed the past few months here in WWE. I arrived with a point to prove, to myself as well as to you guys. I won gold, and got to stand toe-to-toe with The Undertaker at WrestleMania. So many more men have done less in in a much greater amount of time. Thank you. I will see you agai…….

Out of nowhere. Before the legend can finish his sentance. Tyson Fucking Kidd appears from the crowd. He flanks the Icon, knocks him down, and leaves him in the ring crumpled and broken.


JBL – “That is absolutely indefensible. AN Icon like that is signing off his career and Tyson F*!$ing Kidd appears and attacks him from behind? What’s even his motivation?”

Graves – “Well just yesterday he ended Christopher Daniels career on Smackdown and CWC. He’s on his own crusade to take out the superstars of yeste-year, but he will surely face repercussions for this act”.

A video plays hyping the four way brawl that kicked off the show between Brock Lesnar, Antonio Cesaro, and WWE Champion Bray Wyatt (and Erick Rowan) (86)

Cole – “Word from our GM, in just a few moments, in our final segment of the evening. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. The Shield. Will arrive and inform us of their futures now Wrestlemania is through.. But firstly…


AJ – “Ladies and Gentleman welcome, to SmackDown Live! Have we all had a good show tonight? Yeah? Good? Because next week is the WWE Draft. ALL SUPERSTARS ARE AVAILABLE. The deals have already been done. And only two men on this planet know who’s going where. I say this because, as the leader of The Bullet Club, Smackdown and WWE’s most dominant faction. I’m a hot commodity, but so are the rest of my bosy. I find it hard to believe that Paul Heyman over on Raw wouldn’t want to snap up at least one of my men, and I mean that’s just fine. I’m AJ freakin’ Stlyes. But whether it’s one of us. two of us. Three of us or all of us. I’m here to tell you that The Bullet Club will go on. It will remain the most dominant faction that this company has ever seen. We will span two brands and we will fight on….

And in the spirit of fighting, if this is to be my final night, I’m inclined to give you, the Smackdown Universe, one final treat. If there is anyone. ANYONE AT ALL. In the back that wants a piece of the The Phenomenal One… No Bullet Club. No Shenanigans. Just two dudes… Now… Is your chance..



Cole – “It turns out Jeff has decided to stick around a bit longer than just Wrestlemania! He’s here to stay!”

In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, Jeff Hardy defeated AJ Styles in 15:03 by count out after AJ decided that enough was enough. He’s AJ Freakin’ Styles. And there are no titles on the line tonight. Jeff Hardy Wins his first match back as a member of the Smackdown Live roster.


Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose make their world-renowned entrance as they appear in the crowd and make their way down to the ring. The WWE Universe gives them a solid reaction. It doesn’t matter if they lost last night to them. They’re The Shield. And when they’re The Shield they stand for them.

In the ring, each man has a microphone. Seth Rollins stands front and centre, and addresses the crowd.

Rollins – “Ladies and gentleman, first, we’d like to issue an apology. Last night. We not only let you guys down. We let ourselves down. We had one simple task. Beat The Bullet Club. Win Tag Gold. Make History. We failed to do that.”

The crowd chant “no! no! no! no!”

Ambrose Jokes – “You know, over the past year, I’ve been many things. WWE Champion, Mr. Money in the bank, an Apostle, and now a Shield member. Seth. You’ve been WWE Champion for most of it and you Roman…”

Roman – “I’ve been Roman Reigns”.

Dean – Damn Straight you have. But we agree on one thing. Ladies and Gentleman. We have no idea what the draft has in-store for us. by while we are here. While we are together. We are The Shield. Bray Wyatt, I haven’t forgotten about you. Bullet Club. We’re coming to get you. Brock Lesnar, We’re…



Vince – “Gentleman…. Gentleman! Firstly. Congratulations! Oh wait… for what…. Let me explain. You three men have reunited for just over a month now. One month. And let me tell you something. You have made me… A bucket load.. Of Money. Shield T shirts. Shield Slippers. Shield Vests. You guys are a cash cow that just keeps on giving. Even when you lose!”

Vince stands at the bottom of the ramp. Rollins and Ambrose flank Reigns in the middle. All 3 men look puzzled as to why the chairman has made the journey to thank them for their merch sales.

Vince – “But. I have to thank one of you in particular”.

The crowd get on their feet. All three men have learnt from being in this position before. Ambrose and Reigns stare at Rollins, who realises he’s been considered as a threat….

Vince – “Guys guys. Focus! I’m complimenting you here! One of you in particular, all year, has made me. A shit ton of money. Yes. Your natural appeal and charisma to the masses has brought me here tonight. One of you, has earned themselves a title that no-one on this planet has ever earned. Not Triple H. Not The Rock. Not even Hogan. One of you. Has earned my eternal backing. One of you, has earned the title of VINCE’S…. PRODIGAL….. SON. But you see. You guys already know what one of you has the role. I’ve already told you. And you know what must be done to fulfil your destiny….. Kill The Shield.

Reigns and Ambrose continue staring at Rollins. Convinced that he’s going to turn on them AGAIN. Reigns lobbies to Ambrose. Rollins pleads his innocence but it’s in vain. SPEAR!! REIGNS SPEARS ROLLINS. THE SHIELD HAS IMPLODED!

Ambrose and Reigns look at eachother. They’ve been enemies for most of the year, but they seem to have found common ground in their distrust over Seth Rollins. Reigns goes out to ringside and grabs a steel chair, reminiscent of when Rollins crossed The Shield last. He gets Ambrose to hold Rollins still…..




Cole – “For the second time in a lifetime, The Shield has imploded in front of us. Is Roman Reigns now in cahoots with the returning chairman? Is that a truly unstoppable partnership?

Show 82.


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